LG G Watch R in Pictures!

So among the many devices that I got this week, to review. Was the LG G Watch R. It's the second round Android Wear smartwatch I've gotten to use. I really liked the Moto 360 especially with it's thin bezels and leather strap. Although a lot of people weren't too happy with the black bar at the bottom. Which is to be expected, really. As it's not quite a round display because of that. So technically the LG G Watch R is the first completely round smartwatch with Android Wear. But LG, please pick a better name next time. This is going to get really confusing. We have the LG G Watch and G Watch R now. So next year it'll be the G Watch 2 and the G Watch R 2? Hopefully they get some better names for these smartwatches.

I've only had the LG G Watch R for about 24 hours so far. So there's not a whole lot to say just yet. But there will be some comparisons to the LG G Watch, since that has been my daily driver as far as smartwatches go, for about 5 months now. Of course, there will also be a full review coming up on the LG G Watch R so you won't want to miss that either. But for now, enjoy the pictures and the unboxing of the LG G Watch R. It's definitely a nice looking smartwatch with a genuine leather strap.

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