Less.Mail Promises To Take Care Of Your Email For You

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Right in the wake of Google’s new email client, Inbox, Robin Labs has created an email client that will supposedly handle your email for you. The new email client by Robin Labs is called Less.Mail and what it does is add a touch of artificial intelligence to your email, making it much easier to keep your inbox managed. Robin Labs makes it sound like such a great and convenient client, but we are very skeptical to see if Less.Mail works as advertised.

When you receive an email in Less.Mail, it will read the email out loud to you and offer you an opportunity to either auto-compose a brief contextual reply with your voice, or simply ignore the email for later. The promotional video that Robin Labs has prepared makes all of this look like it works without a hitch. If this is the case then Robin Labs has themselves an amazing product but lets come back down to Earth for a second. Less.Mail is probably not going to work as well as the promotional video shows it to work, that’s always the case with these things, not just for Less.Mail. We don’t want to talk down on Less.Mail, we just want to get the client into our hands before we make any more judgments.

The other feature that Robin Labs seems to boast about there new email client is that it easily syncs your email invites with your calendar. Don’t get us wrong, this is a very useful feature but it is one that almost every email client out there already does. Needless to say, Less.Mail sounds like a very interesting take on email, it has definitely peaked our interest a bit and we have gone ahead and requested an invite to use to use the email client. Yeah, you read that right, Less.Mail is currently invite only just like Inbox was and still is. But don’t worry, anybody can go and request an invite to use Less.Mail by clicking on the source link below and simply hitting the “Request Invite” button. Like we said, Less.Mail is taking an interesting approach to email and we can’t wait to get our hands on the service. We will be using Less.Mail when and if we receive an invite, if it turns out to be anything that is worth trying then we will definitely be getting back to you guys about it. Until then we play the waiting game.