JiaYu Return With Their Newest Smartphone The 64 Bit JiaYu S3



All year round we hear a lot form the biggies in the tech world. You know, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Huawei and even the newbie biggies like OnePlus. With all the talk surrounding these brands it's easy to forget about the other, quieter and cheaper brands. One of these is the rather lovable JiaYu. Not only does their name sound super-happy but the company has managed to generate quite a buzz for two different reasons. The first was its constant habit of releasing teasers and self-leaked images of its upcoming devices. Now this particular trait became one of its more unpopular traits as the information usually came far too early leaving customers constantly unhappy after waiting too long for the announced devices. However, the second (and far more popular) reason they gained notoriety was for their extremely cheap devices. Back in the first few months of 2014 JiaYu launched their latest device, the JiaYu F1 which could be picked up for as little as $50-75. Now that is cheap.

Since the release of the F1 the company hasĀ been rather unpredictably quiet. However, now it seems they are back and with another new device, the JiaYu S3. So what's on offer. Well, typical of JiaYu the initial details are scarce and rather limited. However, it does seem the device will be phablet sized offering a 5.5" screen with a 1920 x 1080 resolution. Inside the device is believed to come with 3GB RAM, LTE and offering a 13MP Sony CMOS rear camera. The device will be powered using a rather sufficient 3,000mAh battery and as such there shouldn't be too many issues with daily battery life. Once last interesting snippet is the S3 will also come with the new 64 Bit MediaTek MT6752 processor. Besides this the device will also offer dual-SIM compatibility, NFC and dual speakers.


In terms of the price there is no current information provided although if JiaYu can get anywhere near their previous cheap prices then this may be a device worth keeping an eye on. In terms of when – again there are unfortunately no firm details provided and knowing JiaYu's track record of releasing information long before they should this device might still be some way off. Either way though JiaYu are back and introducing the S3. So be nice and say hello.

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