Jaybird Reign Fitness Tracker Landing In The U.S. October 26

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Everybody is making a fitness band these days. Think of your favorite electronics manufacturer and they probably have a health tracker built into a wristband. Jaybird is bringing their Reign fitness band to U.S. on October 26 for $199, and it will have support for Android and iOS devices. The wristband looks like your typical fitness band, but the Reign app adds a couple of interesting features that others might not be bringing to the table.

The Reign app will track not only your movement and heart rate, but can also detect what kind of activity you are engaging in. If you’re swimming, running, biking, or otherwise moving, the app is supposed to be able to detect that and track your movements accordingly. There’s also something called the “Go-Zone” that will learn your habits and then recommend optimal times for you to get moving. It will notify you when you are ready for increased activity, compiling this information into your “Go-Score” based on your heart rate. I’m not quite sure what parameters go into the Go-Zone, but it sounds interesting. The app will also track your sleep patterns and suggest how much sleep you should be getting once it learns how you operate.

There are a lot of options for fitness wristbands. The Jaybird Reign isn’t necessarily the cheapest at $199, but it does offer some additional features over the competition. It’s also one of the few that will track you when you’re swimming, so there’s that. If you swim, this may be the best fit for you. The Jaybird Reign is supposed land on U.S. soil on October 26. That’s less than two weeks from now, so if you’ve been holding your breath so this one, you don’t have much longer to wait. Is the Jaybird Reign the fitness tracker that you want in your life? If not, what are you using?