Hugo Barra: Xiaomi Will Manufacture An Android One Device In The Future

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Xiaomi is slowly but surely building its brand around the world. This smartphone manufacturer has put to shame brands like Samsung in China and is a market leader in that Asian country. Xiaomi is close to starting its business in Brazil and will by doing that open up the whole South American market, which is the third largest market in the world I believe. Xiaomi has already conquered the biggest market in the world, their homeland. They’re doing rather well in the 2nd biggest market as well, India. Xiaomi has been selling phones like hotcakes over there, via Flipkart. Xiaomi Redmi 1S is high in demand over there, they usually sell about 100,000 in a matter of seconds. Russia is the next market Xiaomi plans to conquer, or at least start up business there.

That being said, many people have been wondering if Xiaomi intends to manufacture an Android One device, not only because it’s Xiaomi we’re talking about but because on of ex-Google employees is now an important figure at Xiaomi. I’m talking about Hugo Barra, who is currently a Vice President of International for Xiaomi. Mr. Barra said to Indian media that Xiaomi’s Android One handset is just a matter of time. He said that the company really wants this to happen and mentioned that Google has been working on Android One project for a long time. He also added that Xiaomi will focus on company’s existing product lines instead of opening new ones. After touching on the Android One topic, he turned to answering questions regarding the Indian market in specific. Mr. Barra said that Xiaomi is going to increase distribution of its devices in Indian market by mentioning that Redmi Note will arrive in India in December and Mi4, Mi TV and Mi SmartBand will follow early next year. He also added (even though he already mentioned this on Google+) that he hired Jai Mani from Google and he is not India’s Chief Product Manager.

It seems like Xiaomi means business as far as Indian market goes, which is a really smart move in my humble opinion. This Chinese manufacturer is aiming at the biggest markets in the world and they’re doing great thus far. Would you like to see Xiaomi’s manufacture an Android One device?