HTC's Orange RE Camera Is Delayed And HTC Offering Options For Those Who Ordered



Back at the start of October HTC held their heavily focused camera event, dubbed 'Double Exposure'. As well as releasing an HTC Desire Eye phone and the Eye Experience Camera software, HTC also launched the hotly anticipated RE camera. For those that missed it, this is a small standalone camera which does not have a screen and doesn't really look like what you might think of as a camera. Instead, the RE resembles a small periscope. It was originally believed that this was expected to be a rival for the GoPro camera although in reality this does not seem to be the case anymore. Instead, the camera is much more unique in its appearance and is presumed is specific to a certain type of market. If you want an easy to use and portable camera (beyond what is on your phone) which works outdoors, indoors and underwater the RE is for you.


Since its launch the RE has been available on pre-order from both HTC and Best Buy for $199. The camera was released in three colors – white, orange and navy blue. However, the blue is a Best Buy exclusive. If you are one of those who placed an early pre-order and especially if you ordered the orange RE then you should probably take note of the following.

According to HTCSource, those who have ordered the orange RE have started receiving emails advising that the orange product is being delayed. According to the information the reason for this delay is due to supply and demand with an unexpected number of requests for the orange variant. As such HTC are offering those users three options going forward. Firstly, they can of course simply wait for the orange to hit shipping and reach them. If this option is chosen then HTC are offering a 10% discount on the pre-order price as some sort of compensation. The second option is buyers can swap their order for the more readily available white device. If this option is chosen then you can expect your RE to be shipped November 15th. Furthermore, as a thank you for swapping HTC will again knock 10% off of the pre-order cost. The last option (which is a bit strange) is that you can buy both. You can swap to the white one and also pay and wait for the orange one to land. Not 100% sure why this third option will be any good to anyone, but nevertheless this is one of the options being noted. Furthermore with option 3 HTC will again knock off 10% off of the cost of both units. So maybe its a way to buy a second one as an early Christmas gift and get it 10% cheaper. Either way, if you ordered the orange one, these are your options. You may have already received the email detailing this but if you haven't then you can probably expect to get the email soon. Did you order the orange RE? What option will you choose?

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