HTC Release Teaser Video Of HTC Eye Confirming October 8th Date

htc eye tweet

Since the hype of IFA died down rumors immediately starting revolving around HTC. First there was the news of a possible HTC GoPro style camera accessory for smartphones which could be used underwater as well as a selfie shooter. This has since generally been confirmed with the leaked images. Round about the same time rumors began circulating about a new variant of the popular flagship device the HTC One M8. This new variant was being coined as the HTC Eye or M8 Eye. The main reasoning behind the naming is that this is being touted as a selfie version of the One M8. With such assumptions being made it is probably not surprising to learn that the Eye would include a much increased front facing camera and this is what is expected with a possible 13MP front shooter offered.

However to add more confusion to the already lack of consistent details, a few days ago the tipster @upleaks suggested the HTC Eye might actually be the HTC Desire Eye. This immediately let to a few disappointing groans and moans as the Desire range of devices by HTC are not as well equipped (spec wise) as the One M8 series. This also led to very minimal rumors that maybe there would be two possible Eye devices launched although this is commonly thought to be unlikely. So at that point the only real points (in terms of the rumors) was 1) a new HTC device is being launched and 2) both the device and camera are very likely to be launched on October 8th in the self-dubbed ‘Double Exposure’ HTC event. The name alone does suggest a high emphasis on camera abilities which would make sense for both the GoPro camera (known as the REcamera) and the Eye (either M8 or Desire).

The latest news on this ongoing saga is today HTC have released a teaser video on their twitter account. The first main issue to note is the video (literally only two seconds long and shown below) indicates the Eye will launch on October 8th. However, more importantly (in terms of previous rumors) is the new video shows what clearly looks to be the back of the HTC One M8. This then morphs into what is expected to be the new variant. In the morph the alternative version does look very slightly bigger although this seems more of a perspective thing than any indication the size of the device is any bigger. Either way the new teaser does highly swing the future of the HTC Eye back towards the One M8 variant. With only two days left before all is officially revealed it won’t be much longer to wait.