HTC Announce Eye Experience Camera Updates At Their Dual Exposure Event


At HTC's "Dual Exposure" event today, the company announced a new camera software suite dubbed the "Eye Experience." This will bring new features to a number of HTC's handsets, critically the 2014 flagship HTC One M8. The first feature that HTC showcased the ability for the One handset to take an automatic selfie. The idea here is that even with the up volume key as the shutter button, it's still awkward to compose a picture, then reach up, tap the button and wait for three seconds, which you hope is enough for the camera shake to subside. With the new camera software, HTC One owners will be able to compose the shot and the handset will automatically take the picture. HTC are also taking a leaf out of LG's book and giving the camera new voice commands, including "say cheese" and "action" to take a photograph or start the video recorder respectively.

The other key new feature is the ability to use the front and rear camera simultaneously. Actually, the HTC One M8 has the ability to use both cameras at the same time but HTC are ramping up these abilities by allowing the user to compose the dual shots into a single image rather than just placing them side by side. The software will allow the user to crop the image from the front facing camera so it's just you and overlay it on the image taken by the rear camera. The current dual camera mode puts the front camera image into a small box on the composite result and the new software blends this together. Another new feature is especially relevant if you're into video calling as the Eye Experience software makes your front camera that much smarter during video calling. It will be able to track up to four faces and the idea here is that it'll keep you the focus of such calls rather than needing to adopt a particular pose to keep yourself front and centre!


The new Eye Experience software will start rolling out to existing HTC One handsets from next month. We're expecting the Eye Experience, together with the enhancements to Zoe, to be rolled out via the Google Play Store infrastructure rather than an over-the-air software update. This means that users won't have to wait for the carriers to approve and modify HTC's software, which means we'll get it significantly quicker than if it were included in an update.

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