Here's How the OnePlus One Gets Stress Tested


Phone manufacturers love to show off the durability of their devices, especially ones that are particularly well built.  In the past we've seen videos from HTC showing off the build quality of the HTC One series, with its all metal body being laser etched and cured.  Samsung has shown off the waterproof nature of the Galaxy S5 and how much it can withstand with various tests.  Today OnePlus is joining that crowd of releasing a little video on their testing process for the OnePlus One, and it's a nice quick look at a few of the many tests that the phone undergoes before being manufactured en mass and shipped to your door.

Following through the tests OnePlus shows off bending first, likely spurred on by all the Bendgate stuff with the iPhone 6 Plus, and seemingly every bit as good as Samsung's butt test for the Galaxy Note 4.  There's also a ton of different kinds of drop tests in here too.  Some drop the device on its screen, up to 40,000 times in fact, and then other drop tests from various heights onto various surfaces.  There's even a crazy tumbler that simulates putting the phone through the dryer, or something ridiculously similar to that kind of effect, and tests that see just how far the phone can go in super hot climate up to 55c/130F.    Worried about USB ports or headphone ports wearing out?  OnePlus has you covered there too, as they have a machine that'll forcefully press down on a connected USB cable thousands of times and even plug and unplug cables in both jacks tens of thousands of times.  There's even a water test that puts the phone through 10 minutes of rain-like situations to ensure everything but submerging the phone in water won't kill it.


All this leads us to believe that the OnePlus One is as strong as it feels in the hand, and certainly brings some encouragement following some of the problems OnePlus has had with quality assurance issues.  Yellow bands on the bottoms of the screen and some weird touch screen issues seem to have been mostly resolved through a number of different fixes and processes, and it's encouraging to see that the phone goes through this much testing before it lands in your hands.  Check out the video below for yourself and let us know what you think!

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