Halloween DIY iBend 6 Costumes – Complete With List of Materials Needed


Every year about this time, is the mecca of the 'Holy Grail' of smartphones, better known as the release of the new iPhone – people come from miles around to essentially sleep overnight in lines along the sidewalk, either by leaning against the wall or actually lying on the ground.  It is such a bizarre sighting that even the news reporters will show up to film the ritual and report it on the nightly news.  They actually try to speak to the individuals in an effort to try to determine what causes this strange and unorthodox behavior.  So far, the medical community cannot determine what would cause people, who look like your ordinary neighbor, to participate in this strange ritual.  Late night talk show hosts will get several days of jokes out ot the event.

What happened next can only be described as disheartening – these people, that paid much more than they should of for this new and shiny device, found that in the confines of their own pocket, this expensive and beautiful device that was once thought as indestructible and God-like, started to get the bends faster than a diver coming up too fast from the depths of the ocean…especially the biggin!  Owners of the new iPhone went wailing to the stores (we have no walls over here) that sold them these new flip phones, but they were assured there was no design flaw, and the people accepted this as the Gospel according to the book of Apple…and all was  well and the balance of harmony in the universe was once again restored.


With All Hallows' Eve fast approaching, the people that brought you #bendgate and #hairgate decided that a Halloween costume was needed to celebrate the newest iPhone. Therefore, we present to you an old Do-It-Yourself (DIY) costume and they even provided a list of materials to make it the best-looking iBend 6 that you can make.  Walk down that street proudly as you go door-to-door tricking, treating and bending.  What is really cool about this idea is that you can make one costume for him and your girlfriend or wife can go with you as a #hairgate victim…just by taping her hair to the side of your costume.  She must rant and rave and have arms flailing about though to make it really effective and life-like.

You start making the costume with a large foam board as a base, but make sure you shave off the corners to make it rounded like the real McCoy.  Cover the entire structure with black-out vinyl – hey if you really want to get fancy, find some gold vinyl and you will look like the cat's meow – seal all of the seams with clear packing tape.  If you want to do it up right, you'll need to print some high-resolution images of the iPhone icons and then use that fancy spray glue to attach them to the vinyl…if you really want to piss them off, do up some Google Map, Gmail or Play Store icons and slap them on!  Make sure that you glue a paper home button – again, make it look like the Samsung button, as that is sure to get a laugh.  Put yourself in one of those black body suits, wear big white gloves and some thick black spectacles to complete the ensemble.  The best part is that if a bully comes along, just stand up straight and proudly be an iPhone and then after he passes, you can bend way down to simulate what will happen if you were sat on – a great idea for this year's Halloween costume…you can be as bent as you want…ENJOY!

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