Google Wallet Next To Get Material Design Update – APK Included


As the holiday season approaches it seems we have had a Google season in recent weeks. Yes, it has been the season of updates as far as Google are concerned with almost a new update being seen every day. This morning we already reported on an update to the Google 'My Business' app which allows business owners to respond in-app to Google based comments and reviews. Its now time for another Google update. However in contrast to the function of Google's My Business this other update is more style than function.

Google's Wallet it seems is next in line to receive the now infamous Material Design treatment and as you would expect with Material Design the new update looks rather swish. The update takes Wallet form V2 up to V7 and brings with it all the goodness we have now come to expect from Material Design. The whole app had undergone a major facelift and now appears very much as a Material Design app. Colours are embraced and the whole app is far more card like and losing the previously more detail listing. Besides the face lift there does not seem to be that much new in terms of function with all the typical features still in place. However regardless of additional functions, the very nature of upgrading to Material Design is always a pleasure and you should update as soon as you can to take advantage of the new look.


The Wallet app via Google Play does seem to have been updated this morning but as with many apps this is one of those which is version-dependent on which device you are running. Therefore, if you are on Lollipop (preview I guess) then you should get the new Material Design look. For all of us still lagging behind on lonely, old and tired KitKat the Play update does not bring the Material Design feature. However, never fear as sideloading is here. Yes, if you can't wait and want your wallet to be full of Material Design (regardless of whether it is full of money) then click here to download and install the APK. Incase you are worried, the APK is signed by Google and seems to be tamper free. As you can tell from the images below I've installed it and all seems good on KitKat. If you do install, the let us know how you like the new look.

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