Google Uploads The New Androdify Videos Including One We Didn't See Yesterday


Yesterday we saw three new Android ads get 'accidently' leaked on to the internet. If you missed yesterday's report than in short these three videos were advertising the new android branding and the new slogan "be together.not the same". The videos consisted of short animated androidify videos, with sneak appearances from the Nexus 6, 9 and Android L. Two of the videos revolved around partying (one on a Winnebago and a dance party). In the last video Google took a swipe at the size of (their device) the Nexus 6. Now that Android Lollipop has been officially released and unveiled it seems Google have now launched the videos officially on to their Google Mobile YouTube channel. So no more worrying or searching for links. You can see all the videos by clicking here. It also seems a new fourth video which we didn't get to see yesterday has surfaced and in short is the best of the four.

The new video, entitled "Android Phone Drop" shows the Nexus 6 getting absolutely destroyed. Don't believe me! Well the device is dropped, ran over by a car, then by a monster truck, then by a train (of course) and is even battered by KISS. Oh wait did I mention the dinosaur which steps on the phone? So as I was saying the phone goes through a trauma. Now you might think this is designed to show you the strength of the Nexus or how durable it is…but no! Google were not hugely interested in claiming the durability like we have seen from Samsung, OnePlus and all the rest recently. Instead, this was simply advertising Google's automatic backups and how easy it will be on L. As a result the video ends happily with the Nexus owner parting with KISS (as you do).


So there you go, if you buy a new Nexus don't worry about what happens to it. KISS might destroy it (or a dinosaur might step on it) but you will be backed up automatically and can be free to PARTY. Want to check out the latest video? Of course you do and here it is below.

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