Google Shopping Express Adds Three More Cities And Offers Annual Subscription


Early last year Google started trialling an interesting new shopping service aptly dubbed 'Google Shopping Express'. Now this was billed as basically a direct shopping and despatch service where Google would deliver your orders to you the next day, hence the express bit. When the service first launched it was trialled solely in San Francisco (of course) and was limited to a selection of Google Play products. However, shortly afterwards the program expanded to include nearby partner retailers. This offered customers literally a service where a courier would do you're shopping before returning with the items, bundle them together and then dispatch them to you…and by the next day remember. Stores enrolled in the program included the likes of Costco, Whole Foods, Target and Toys R Us. As part of the expansion early this year the trial also rolled out to LA and New York.

During the trial period the delivery service was offered free. However back in August, it was reported Google had started emailing their current customers with a questionnaire asking how they would feel about paying for the service and what would be a reasonable cost. The questionnaire originally suggested a price-frame where users could pay $4.99 per order and also a subscription based service (think Amazon Prime) priced at $8 a month (or $89 a year). It now seems today the priced based service has come into effect although it is a little pricier than originally suggested. The per order price is still the same remaining at $4.99 a go however the subscription service has increased from the expected $8 to a straight $10 a month. As to be expected this also means the yearly price has also increased from the suggested $89 to $95.


There are also a few more changes which have come into effect. Firstly it seems 'Google Shopping Express' was too long for Google's liking as they have now changed the name to simply 'Google Express'. In addition, Google have announced the service will now be available in three new cities – Chicago, Boston and Washington, DC. It also seems a number of new stores have also joined as official Express partners including Barnes & Noble, Nine West and a few others. With all these changes coming into effect it certainly seems Google Express is a go and might very well be heading to a city near you. If you have tried the service let us know what you think. OK, gotta go. Currently in the process of ordering a Nexus 6, basmati rice and a bean bag.

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