Google releases guide to help iPhone users to switch to Android

When Apple announced the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 plus, the company deemed it necessary to release an official set of instructions that would help Android users migrate over to iOS. Forgetting the fact that this should have happened a while ago, given that Android market share has increased steadily over the years, a lot of news sites thought this was a huge deal and saw it as the fall of Android, as though a guide to migrate Android users would serve as a catalyst for it.

Well, now Google has replied with its own guide, showcasing how iOS users can migrate their data over to an Android phone. Google has put up an entire guide on their own site to show just how easy it is to switch your data over from iOS to Android, though I'm guessing that the guide won't show up as the death of iOS devices everywhere.

For its guide, Google has targeted four categories to help users transition over to the world of Android; photos and music, contacts, setting up your email and messaging, and finding your favourite apps.

For photos, Google recommends that you download the GooglePlus app to your iPhone and let the app automatically upload all your photos to the cloud. Once this is down, you can then download the app onto your Android phone, though it comes pretty much preinstalled everywhere now, and lo and behold, your photos will be there. A similar method works for music as well. Google suggests that you upload all your music to Google Play Music, which allows users to have as much as 20,000 songs in the cloud, and once you set up your Android phone, it'll all be there.

Email and messaging is as simple as signing into the Gmail app and having everything sync over within minutes. Google even goes so far as to have a page dedicated to setting up iCloud, Yahoo, Hotmal, Outlook, or any other email service, and even recommends at the end that you don't forget to turn iMessage off.

Finding your favourite apps is easy; you just go to the Play Store, but contacts is a little harder, though Google does give step-by-step instructions on how to do that, which involves exporting your contacts as a vCard and importing them to Google contacts.

Will this help move iOS users over to Android? Yes. Will it make Apple fall? Probably not, though I doubt that was Google's intention in the first place.

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