Google Puts Out Teaser Video About The Android L(5.0) Casting Call

October 14, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

Android L and the next couple of Nexus devices are thought to be descending upon us tomorrow and it would seem pretty likely given the few little teasers that Google has been placing in front of us this morning. First we saw some videos that looked to be adverts for the nexus devices, at least one of them, and now Google has let loose a little teaser video that dangles the dessert name association of Android L, or Android 5.0, or however you like to refer to it, right in front of us. The video is short and sweet and contains all of the possible names we have heard about for the upcoming version of Android, except for perhaps one of the most popular.

The video shown below depicts a group full of people dressed up in costumes that represent the different dessert names that start with L, and one hilariously placed oddball, which are all showing up for a casting call for the part of Android 5.0. It’s a great little way to advertise the coming of the next version of Android, and if nothing else it makes for a really great laugh. As you watch, you’ll notice that a person dressed up as lollipop is nowhere to be found, so perhaps we’re to assume that lollipop is the dessert behind closed doors? Even licorice found its way into the casting call room in black and red flavors,(the ladies dressed up as red and black licorice have licorice ropes for earrings, clever Google, clever)so the reasonable choice would seem like Lollipop will be Android version 5.0.

We know this is already the most popular choice at this point between those in the community and that proved to be the case with the poll that we took yesterday, with over 1,300 votes and 68% of them being Lollipop. The next closest choice ended up as Lemon Meringue Pie, but if this video does anything other than make us laugh, I’d say it’s a good indicator that any of the deserts we can see depicted in the video are not going to be the name of the next Android version. Shocker right? Some of you are probably already thinking Lollipop was always the logical choice, and that may be true. Either way, we should find out soon enough come tomorrow. There can only be one L. Also.. pay attention to the table towards the end as the guy dressed in the Ladyfinger costume is eating.