Google Play Movies & TV App Makes It Easier For You To Know What You’re Watching

October 29, 2014 - Written By Jamil Bryant

After a long work week or in many people’s case’s, a long school week, many of us like to kick back and watch our favorite movie. There always comes a time during the movie when we start to question “What’s that actors name?” Or “What song is that?” No matter what movie we go see, we’re always left with at least one of those questions. A majority of the time, we quickly grab our phones to do a Google search of an actor or of a new song we heard. Well thanks to a new feature added to Google Play Movies & TV, those days are gone. Now when you are watching a movie you will know exactly all the time who you are watching and what you are listening too.

Now when you cast your favorite movie or show using Chrome Cast or Google’s new Nexus Player, you’ll get actor or soundtrack cards displayed on your phone or tablet while you are watching along with extra information about the movie. “Next time you’re burning to know where you’ve seen that actress before, or want to remember a song for later, you don’t have to hit pause or fumble with your controller. It’s at your fingertips – just like your popcorn,” said Google’s Official Android Blog. Noted by TheNextWeb, the feature is similar to Amazon’s X-ray feature for TV and movies which does the same thing. As of right now, the only downside to this new feature is that it only supports movies that have a Cards badge. Not every movie in the Google Play library has one so the feature won’t work for every movie.

With this new information feature that has been added to the Google Play Movies & TV app, a wealth of new knowledge will come our way while being entertained. Along with the new feature comes the new material design look which comes with bigger images and smoother transitions. The Watch Now tab in the app also has gotten revamped with a new and more pleasant way of finding movies and shows. This beautifully enhanced version of Google Play Movies & TV will be rolling out in the coming weeks, so keep a look out for the update.