Google Play Games Gets Material Design Face Lift In Latest Update Today - APK Download

Google Play Games has been a wonderful little application to enrich the gaming experience on Android ten fold. It allows the user to view all their games that they currently have installed on their device, as well as view what other people in their circles might be playing at the time. you can now send and receive invites to play multiplayer games from within the app, and you can even compare achievements against others for the same games. It's really come around since first being introduced. There have been a number of updates that have gotten it to where it is today, and one of the most recent involves the new feature that lets you see what nearby people are playing and join game sessions. It's pretty cool.

The newest update though that just started rolling out today brings Google Play Games more in line with the Lollipop design aspect, by adding all the Material Design UI elements it could ever need. The app will now be in full Material Design style after the update completes, with bolder colors, more striking visual appeal and those oh so lovely animations we have come to grow very fond of. Android 5.0 Lollipop is just around the corner, really, there isn't much of a wait left, and Google is lining up all their ducks in a row making sure that as many if not all of their apps have been updated to evoke the Material Design visual style before that point.

It is update wednesday after all, and even if we aren't seeing very many new features(if any)in this update to Google Play Games, it's still nice to see that the Material Design flow of the UI has finally been introduced. Things will surely look nicer and be more visually striking, which definitely has the ability to increase the enjoyment in using the app. How things look is not the most important, but like with many things, our visual perception can play a big role in how we feel about something. Like many of Google's apps, Google Play Games is now just a material girl living in a soon to be material world, and we wound't have it any other way. If you don't want to wait for the update to roll out to your device, you can grab the apk download of Google Play Games here from the link.

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