Google Play Edition Samsung Galaxy S5 Running on Lollipop?


It's been quite a day so far. October 15th was always expected to be a big day with a lot of announcements made and so far it has lived up to expectations. A couple of things that we know to be happening from today's news. There are Nexuses on the horizon. Nexus 6 is a Motorola manufactured smartphone and the Nexus 9 is an HTC manufactured tablet. It was also announced that Android L is now Android Lollipop so no more confusion there. Both the Nexus devices will come loaded with Android Lollipop at launch and at least the Nexus 9 will be available to pre-order starting Friday, with the nexus receiving pre-order status October 29th. So they were the big findings from today. Of course, there are always smaller titbits of information which trickles through as the day pans out and you are no doubt hearing them as the day goes on.

One interesting snippet which has been churning round the rumor mill for a long time is Google may be working with Samsung to bring to market a Google Play Edition of the Samsung Galaxy S5. Now to be clear there is absolutely no announcement on this. Neither Samsung nor Google has made any direct indications, but that hasn't stopped the rumors and suggestions about this. While the pandemic excitement was breaking throughout the Android world Google were busy making the necessary updates and revamps to their websites readying to go live. One of these updates including updating imagery and text on the homepage. One of these updated images is a banner which simply shows all the current Nexus and Google Play Edition devices. However, one of the devices seems out of place as it's the Samsung Galaxy S5.


Now this could mean either of two things. On one hand it could be just an error on Google's part or on the other hand this could be the first signal that Google and Samsung will release a Google Play Edition Galaxy S5. Don't believe me, well check out the image below for yourself. Now to be fair this is not the first time we have seen this. back in June of this year Google did the exact same thing and included the S5 in another android homepage image. Could they have made the same mistake again? Since then, it has been rather quiet on this. As the new image shows the S5 with what looks to be Lollipop running is this an indication the Play Edtion S5 is actually about to hit. Do we have one more surprise in store coming from Google? So what do you think? Google error? Google Play Edition Galaxy S5? Let us know what you reckon


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