Google Is Launching A New YouTube Space In S£o Paulo, Brazil

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Google announced today that are going to be opening a new YouTube Space in S£o Paulo, Brazil. YouTube Spaces are “a place to learn, share, and create” that Google has set up in cities around the world. There are currently YouTube Spaces in Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, New York City, and now S£o Paulo. YouTube creators can use Spaces to create new video content, meet and collaborate with other YouTube channel creators, and attend workshops. It’s a full-on production space to YouTube channels. Google says that they have had over 30,000 people attend workshops at their YouTube Spaces since the first one opened in 2012. Google is aiming at the Brazilian video market with this new Space that’s opening in S£o Paulo.

YouTube has partnered with Instituto Criar, a non-profit company in the city of S£o Paulo. Instituto Criar was founded to help educate students from low income families and teach them about film production. The YouTube Space in Brazil will provide all of the students they help, and other YouTube creators, with “high end audio, visual and editing equipment in addition to training programs, workshops and courses.” This is all provided for free. Google wants to drive people to YouTube. They have already garnered over 750 million views just from videos made at current YouTube Spaces.

The new YouTube Space, like the others that are already open, will be used to “Learn: From training programs and workshops to master classes, there are opportunities to get hands-on experience from industry leaders, and learn to use high end production equipment, production techniques, and YouTube best practices. Connect: Attend events, meet fellow creators, spark new ideas and share experiences on how to succeed on YouTube.  Create: This is a space for creators to bring stories to life. They’ll have access, for free, to a studio and all the latest audio, visual and editing equipment that will enable them to experiment and create great videos that fans will love.” Google is helping to educate students in film production and they are helping creators to make new, great video content. Spaces are a great initiative and this is a great thing for S£o Paulo, Brazil.