Google Glass To Be 'Standard Issue' Equipment For Dubai Police


Since Google launched their now infamous Google Glass we have seen the device being adopted in many new and novel ways. In particular it seems businesses and corporations seem most eager to adopt Glass into their company infrastructure. The benefits to businesses are obvious in many ways. For instance imagine walking into a shop (depending on the information known about you), Glass will be able to inform staff – why you are there, what you might be looking for and even how much you are likely to spend. As the technology increases (as well as the data) the limits for businesses are endless. With this in mind it is understandable why the high price tag ($1500 per Glass) is less likely to put off companies buying the devices in bulk and distributing them throughout their network.

An example of this was reported recently with Edinburgh Airport in the UK adopting Glass on a trial basis throughout the airport. In this case, customer service representatives will be wearing Glass and able to immediate check flight statuses, answer questions and provide individual relevant information. Although this is only a trial-based use of Glass it is quite likely airports will adopt this on a permanent basis. Back In February Virgin Atlantic also adopted Glass at London Heathrow to offer its First Class passengers a more…well First Class experience. The two UK airport trials are very much customer-based with an emphasis on providing customers with a more hands-on and informative experience.


In contrast it now seems Dubai is adopting Glass as a means to fight crime. Detectives in Dubai will soon get Glass as a permanent and 'Standard issue' tool to help them in their daily battle against the criminals. Glass will literally allow the police to instantly identify wanted people as well as pull-up prior criminal history and so on. Dubai had already trialled Glass back in May with the technology mainly used for traffic violations and to track suspect vehicles, but is now set to roll out on a permanent basis. So if you are planning on flying to Dubai anytime soon and especially from Edinburgh. Don't be surprised if you are greeted by Glass wearers when you arrive at the airport in the UK but also by the police (and maybe even immigration) when you land in Dubai.

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