Google Giving Away Sandra Bullock's 'Gravity' For Free…But Not To Everyone


Everyone loves something for nothing. Freebies are big business and any freebie floating around is worth taking a moment to read. Amazon has long been giving away a free app of the day in their well…free app of the day (FAOTD) promotion. Likewise, Google is always throwing something out for nothing as a random present to its subscribers. Normally though the freebies include random apps or a free album as part of their free album of the week promotion.

This morning though a freebie from Google is being reported which is well…out of this world…literally. Reports from users are coming in that the new(ish) Sandra Bullock space blockbuster 'Gravity' is currently free to watch. Reports are sketchy at the moment but here is what we think we know. Gravity can be watched for free (and it seems to be permanently downloadable so really is a freebie). to get the movie you need to log in to your Play Movies & TV app (not via Google Play) and you should immediately see it available under the 'Watch Now' tab. It will come with a quick blurb which reads "This one is on us". Unfortunately, there does seem to be a slight caveat, well two to be honest. Nearly all of the reports from users who have the movie free are coming from the UK. Now it is not clear if this is a UK only deal, but the sheer majority of people noting the deal available is from the UK. The second caveat is that again the sheer majority of users who have noted the deal as working are on Nexus 5 devices. Nearly all the reports coming in from other devices (strangely including all other Nexuses) are reporting the deal does not work. Again, it can't be confirmed that is a Nexus 5 only deal as a very small amount of random users are noting it as available. although it really is a small number compared to those reporting this on a Nexus 5.


So there you go. If you're UK based (or at least Google thinks you are) and you own a Nexus 5 (or at least Google thinks you do). Then you can (almost) certainly watch and download 'Gravity' for free this weekend. Regardless of what device you have or where you live its worth logging into your Play Movies app to see if you've got it. If you do and you are not running a Nexus 5 then leave a comment below with what device so others know. For everyone who can't get it, then all is not lost. 'Shaun The Sheep' (has been) and still is available for free. Who needs a close to $200 million dollar Hollywood Blockbuster when you have a 7 minute movie about a sheep…called Shaun.


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