Google Is Creating A Seamless Modular Display, Similar To Project Ara

A new report published by the Wall Street Journal says that at Google's top secret labs, they are currently building a modular display concept. The idea sounds a bit odd but according to the report, the modular display will not only allow customers piece together smaller screens with minimal seams to make a bigger display, but it will be cheap. The modular display is practically the same idea as Google's Project Ara, which allows people to piece together blocks that in the end will result in a smartphone. The modular display will possibly be part of Project Ara as it is the same concept, just with a display.

According to The Wall Street Journal, "Google's secretive advanced-projects lab is developing a display composed of smaller screens that plug together like Legos to create a seamless image, according to three people familiar with the project." This lego like display sounds interesting, as piecing together a display for a smartphone has never been done before. The only challenge that can be seen by this is the seamless display they keep talking about. How seamless will the display be? Or better yet, how seamless can they get it to be? A lot of challenges sees to pop up when thinking about how Google will create this concept. In reality, there shouldn't be a problem as the project is headed by former MIT professor Mary Lou Jepson of One Laptop Per Child fame. Jepson's team consist of veterans from Samsung, Qualcomm and other tech companies.

The seamless display will in fact be a challenge, but seamless means that when users piece together their screen they won't notice that they even used smaller pieces. The lego like display will also let people make create any shape out of their screen. Yes I know, how many oddly shaped screens can people think of to make? I'm sure there are many and the possibilities are endless. But the modular display that Google is cooking up in their secret labs is still in the early stages. We have some ways to go before we can get a peek at this innovative product, but leave your thoughts in the comments below so we can hear what you think.


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