Google Begin Fulfilling First Wave Of Inbox Invite Requests

inbox by gmail

Over the last few days there has been a massive buzz around a new Google product. Nope, not talking about Android 5.0 (Lollipop). Of course, Lollipop has attracted an immense number of headlines. However Inbox, which is a new email client being offered by Google has been on top of the pile over the last couple of days. For those that missed it Google have launched a new email client. This won’t replace Gmail but instead will run alongside the popular mail client but with a notable difference. Inbox is a task-driven email service which looks to help its users reduce its email space and waste. Inbox does this by grouping similar emails together. So if you subscribe to a lot of forums or subscriptions then these will be grouped together under ‘Forums’. If you make a lot of purchases then these will grouped together under…well ‘Purchases’. By using this grouping or bunching method Inbox is able to help you stay on top of relative messages and delete or deal with them accordingly.

Since its launch yesterday, one of the main talking points was its employment of an invite system. Like in the early alpha days of Google+ and Gmail, Google have been inviting a select few people to try out the service while it presumably irons out any kinks or bugs. To get an invite there were only two methods. The first, simple, get a friend or someone you know to invite you. The second was actually equally as simple, email Google asking for one and join a waiting list. Well as you would expect with a new Google product the online world has gone crazy with everyone asking everyone they know (and don’t know) for an invite. It was even reported this morning that invites are being sold on eBay and costing well over $100 each.

For those who are desperate to be invited then get ready. It now seems that Google have begun fulfilling the initial invite requests by email. If you haven’t yet registered for an invite then you need to by emailing [email protected] If you have then stay pinned to your Gmail account as an invite could be on its way. It is not clear how frequently they are rolling out the new invites or if there is any system other than first registered first served, but either way they do seem to be on-route.