Google Announces Q3 2014 Results, $16.52 Billion in Revenue

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Well it’s that time. Time to see some numbers. Google has just announced it’s earnings for the third quarter, which this officially kicks off the earnings month for the third quarter. So expect to see a lot of these posts about the manufacturers and carriers over the next few weeks. So without further ado, lets get to Google’s earnings.

Google is reporting a consolidated revenue of $16.52 billion for the quarter ending on September 30th. That’s a 20% increase over the third quarter of 2013. Operating income for the third quarter was $37.2 billion, which is about 23% of their revenue. Comparatively, last year operating revenue was $3.76 billion which was about 27% of their revenues.

Other numbers include sites revenue of about $11.25 billion. Which equals about 68% of their total revenues for the third quarter, that’s a 20% increase over Q3 2013 where they had $9.38 billion from Sites. Network revenues accounted for $3.43 billion and that’s a 9% increase over Q3 2013 where they made $3.15 billion from network revenues.

So what about Motorola?

“On January 29, 2014, we entered into an agreement with Lenovo Group Limited providing for the disposition of the Motorola Mobile business. Financial results of Motorola Mobile are presented as “Net income (loss) from discontinued operations” on the Consolidated Statements of Income for the three and nine months ended September 30, 2013 and 2014; and assets and liabilities of Motorola Mobile to be disposed of are presented as “Assets held for sale” and “Liabilities held for sale”, respectively, on the Consolidated Balance Sheet as of September 30, 2014.”

Net loss from discontinued operations in the third quarter was $185 million. That’s compared to $193 million from a year ago. If Motorola was represented as an operating segment, their revenue for the third qaurer would have been $1.69 billion, which is $26 million lower than what was included in net loss from discontinued operations.

You can check out the full report on their investor relations site.