Google Announces That Google Apps For Work Now Supports Wordpress And Squarespace

Google Apps for Work can be a powerful suite of tools to help manage day to day tasks for any small business, utilizing apps like Docs, Sheets, Drive, Forms, Slides and more. Google has been expanding their reach as to who they include as compatible Google Apps For Work businesses, and the latest two companies to gain access to the work suite are Squarespace and Wordpress. What this means is that any small business that uses or for their website, will now have access to the full suite of apps listed above. Google Apps are great because they're efficient and they get the job done, and they're free to use and available on any machine that can install the Chrome browser.

While having access to the Google Apps for Work suite is great, Hangouts video calls for meetings is a definite stand out when it comes to perks. Custom business emails through Gmail can help to streamline everything together especially if Gmail is already the preferred medium for email correspondence. Squarespace or Wordpress based small businesses also get the benefits of Calendar, and the ability to set up an official Google+ page for the business. Past all this, the entire suite of tools can be setup through a single one time process so things don't have to be done individually, which really helps to emphasize the nature of quickness and convenience when using Google Apps For Work.

If you own a small business and you use either of these businesses for your website, it might be time to consider thinking about making a switch to Google Apps for Work. Squarespace admits that they have been using Google Apps for Work themselves for quite some time, which makes it seem only natural that Google include their website as a compatible company for use by other small businesses. The whole process should be pretty seamless according to Google thanks to a set of APIs which allows for easy integration into the existing user interface of both Squarespace and Wordpress, which means if you're a customer of either one, using Google Apps for Work requires doing pretty much nothing short of creating the Google Accounts.

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