Google to Announce New Wear Device Soon?


Google had a rather big week this week. It not only announced the brand new upcoming Nexus 6, a rather large smartphone that blurs the line between smartphones and tablets, but they also unveiled the biggest update to Android that's ever been; Android 5.0 Lollipop. But what about their smallest platform, Android Wear? We saw plenty of rumors about Android Wear 2.0 either being announced or released on October 16th or around there abouts, but we didn't actually see or hear anything about the platform this week. That is until today's code repository update.

This bit of code refers to a KitKat Wear powered device that goes by the code name of Tetra and is powered by a Broadcom system on a chip. This is different from the current crop of Android Wear devices that are powered by Qualcomm and Texas Instruments SoC's. The Marine themed code name also fits in with the Nexus line of devices which have names like Mako, Hammerhead and Shamu. Whether or not it makes much sense for Google to launch a Nexus type of Android Wear device isn't really clear but it could fit in with news we saw earlier today that suggests Google opening Android Wear up for individual manufacturer customizations much like Android is right now.


Google is set to launch Android 5.0 Lollipop, the Nexus 9, Nexus 6 and maybe some other goodies around November 3rd, so you can be sure we'll know something about this by that time. Android Wear is still a very young platform but we know Google has done big plans for the platform that will be coming in an update soon. Whether or not they'll launch their own watch or if this is another new one by some other manufacturer isn't clear, but it's something new to look forward to regardless!

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