Giant Thumb Developed To Combat The Unnatural Size Of The Nexus 6


So have you heard about the size of the Nexus 6 yet? Apparently it's going to be 60" in size…oh no wait, I mean 6" in size. Well, you know 5.9" to be exact but what's the difference between 6" and 60" when trying to use a phone? Once a device nears that 6" marker it becomes toooo big. After currently using a OnePlus One I like the bigger phablet sized devices but 5.5" is the limit. Even at this size it's still hard to use one-handed and surely using one hand is the universal definition of a phone, right? Well, if you are like me and worry about the size of the Nexus 6 while also deeply craving the device then don't worry. The solution has already been created before the device has even been released. Yes folks, sometimes in life the best solution is most certainly the obvious solution. While we were all focusing on the size of the device the clever folks over at Thanko were thinking outside of the box…Matrix style…

Do not try and use the Nexus 6. That's impossible. Instead… only try to realize the truth. There is no Nexus 6. Then you will see, that it is not the Nexus 6 that is too big, it is only your thumb that is too small.


…You see, the problem is not that the Nexus 6 is too big but it is that the human thumb is too small…or too short to be accurate. Welcome The Nexus Thumb! It's not actually called this but literally cannot find out what it is called so Nexus Thumb it is. Anyway, this is silicone thumb purpose built for bigger phones. It offers a generous 15mm extension to the current human thumb and converts the two handed Nexus 6 into a one-handed device. The Nexus thumb also comes equipped with a black nib point (again not so sure about the technical name) which emulates the feel of a stylus allowing for easy and accurate pressing of far-away keys. The thumb is silicon based, is one size fits all and is machine washable (I made that last bit up). The most impressive aspect of the Nexus Thumb is how easily it can be put on and taken off allowing for quick change from one-handed (mono) to two-handed (stereo) use. Currently, the Nexus Thumb will initially only be available in Japan although it is rumoured international shipping will be available soon. The Thumb will go on sale on October 10th and will be priced locally at 1,480 Yen which is roughly $13.58. The thumb weights 11g allowing for easy movement of the real thumb without added weight. Currently the thumb is only available in one colour (orangiepink) and comes with a three month warranty (no joke about the warranty). For more information or pre-orders head over to Thanko or alternatively check out the demonstration video below.


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