Get A Taste Of Lollipop With The Android L Keyboard On Your Smartphone (No Root!)

Android Lollipop AH 4

If you’re an owner of an Android device, you, like us, are probably itching to try out the latest Android flavor, aka Android v5.0 Lollipop. However, OEMs tend to take their own sweet time in pushing out updates, so there’s a fair chance you’ll have to wait a good few months before getting a chance to run full Android 5.0 Lollipop on your smartphone. That is, at least for the actual OS update, however you can get some of the finer points of Lollipop on your device as of now.

A developer has managed to pull out the apk installer for the Android 5.0 keyboard, which means that you will be able to type and swipe Lollipop style much before your smartphone OEM provides you with the required update. What’s good is that this apk doesn’t require root or any sort of previous knowledge of rooting/flashing zips like the keyboard availability we mentioned just the other day, so it’s fairly straightforward as well. All you need to do is place the apk on your device’s storage, navigate to the corresponding folder using any file manager app and simply tap on the file to install. The only pre-requisite is that you have your phone running on Android v4.0 ICS or higher which most devices are either on or past these days.


Now, to download the apk installer of the Android 5.0 keyboard, head over to this page, find and click on the download button. If you’re on your desktop computer, transfer the apk to your phone and then perform the aforementioned step, i.e., navigate to file and hit install. You will have to have installations from 3rd party sources allowed to be able to do this, so if you haven’t done that yet, go ahead and do it. Take a look at the picture above for reference. A material design keyboard did get popular some months back when Google released the Android L preview for some of its Nexus devices. However, this appears to be the final version as the Android Lollipop SDK was just recently released on the 17th. Do let us know how it goes for you, and if you prefer the Android L keyboard over some of your ffavoritethird-party keyboards!