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In all the fuss about Google's new email client Inbox by Gmail, some of us may have forgotten that Google was prepared to be updating the official Gmail app, bringing it forward to version 5.0, which is not only adding in the Exchange account compatibility but also ushers in the Material Design user interface rework. Android 5.0 Lollipop is just around the corner and while some people may already have their hands on a Google Nexus 6 or a Google Nexus 9, with full on Lollipop ready out of the box and sporting this new version of Gmail, the rest of us are either left waiting or are stuck on the Lollipop preview which didn't include this version of Gmail either. That is, until now as the Gmail 5.0 apk has just dropped.

Thanks to Android Police getting their hands on this apk file, we now have the Gmail 5.0 version of the app for you to download as well. As we mentioned above you get the Material Design rework and the ability to add in exchange accounts, if you need them of course. This makes the stock Android email client obsolete as there is now no longer a need for anyone to have it, since corporate and exchange accounts can all be lumped into Gmail. On a side note, now that Gmail 5.0 is available, who else is having an internal battle of whether or not Inbox, or Gmail 5.0 is the best app to use for daily needs? Each has handy benefits. Ok, back to the topic at hand.

From what I have personally noticed alongside the new look, there is now no need to use the dropdown menu inside of the hamburger menu that you slide out from the left side of the screen if you want to switch Gmail accounts. I'm not sure how this looks for people with more than two Gmail accounts, but for me personally, I can see my Google Apps gmail account next to my personal one displayed as a tiny bubble with that accounts profile picture on the ride side of the hamburger menu, and tapping on the bubble switches the accounts without having to tap on the dropdown menu to do the same thing prior to this update, all with a nifty and beautiful looking animation like we should expect to see throughout Android 5.0 Lollipop. The bubbles also handily displays the number of what looks like unread emails inside of your inbox in case you needed or wanted to see that information there. If anything this serves as a nice way to be up on how many emails you may have left to go through.

Email threads also now autopopulate new incoming messages without having to refresh, which is a pretty nice functionality for anyone that is constantly getting in new email correspondence within one thread. In addition to everything we have mentioned so far, you can also use Gmail for every other type of email account you could imagine, like Yahoo, Outlook, and others. It really is a one stop shop email client that can help you organize and consolidate all your accounts into one easy to access application. If you're ready to make the switch to Gmail 5.0 and update to check things out for yourself, we have the download for you right here. If you want to use Exchange email accounts within Gmail, you will need to download the Exchange Services apk, which you can grab here. Once you have it installed, share your thoughts.

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