Galaxy on Fire Alliances Released: Beautiful MMO Strategy Game

The Galaxy on Fire 2 game is the first game I enjoyed on the 2012 Google Nexus 7, taking advantage of the tablet's Tegra 3 processor. Galaxy on Fire 2 is a beautiful game that showed off the 720p 7.0-inch screen; it's hard to believe that it's been two years! I enjoyed it and now there's a new game based on the same universe, Galaxy on Fire Alliances, but this title is a little different. This time, developer Deep Silver have reworked the game into a massive multiplayer online (MMO) strategy game and I have to say... I can feel my thumbs already starting to ache! This time the game is based in a new part of the universe called the Shroud Nebula: check out the video trailer below:

Galaxy on Fire Alliances has been two years in the making, having been tested in Australia, Canada and New Zealand but is now available in the Google Play Store across the world.  This time, rather than an action game, we're treated to a real time strategy game based on building an Empire and forming alliances with your neighbors, who are other players. You can explore the galaxy, send out ships to scout and ultimately gather resources, which you then use to build more scout ships and ultimately warships, so that when you meet the enemy you can either impress him or her (or it) with your military might and agree to form an alliance, or decide that you'd rather have a bit of a scrap. Usually you'll do both! You can interact with other players using the in-game messaging system, move ships about and of course, attack somebody (or everybody!). As with other 4X (exploration, expansion exploitation and extermination) games, information about the galaxy and your enemy is a key part.

Galaxy on Fire Alliances includes in-app purchases so that you can speed up how long certain actions take to complete, plus you can buy an XP booster that accelerates how quickly you gather experience. You can download the game here and as I've said, it's free to download and play. It requires Android 4.0.3 and around 250 MB of space. Did you play the earlier games? Are you a fan of MMOs? Or do you fear installing them as it may result in a dead battery quicker than you can say, "boo?" Let us know in the comments below.

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