Forget The Nexus 6! Meet The Nexus 6 Box

Right! So much is happening it's time for a quick midday (PST time) recap. Today was Nexus day and if you don't know what that means then I guess you are an Apple user, as everyone knows Nexus day is Android day. And so far today has not been a disappointment. Google have announced the release of the Google Nexus 6 smartphone and the Google Nexus 9 Tablet. Not to forget that Google have also unveiled Android L aka Android Lollipop.

So what about the Nexus 6! Well, it comes with some kind of processor, a bit of RAM, a camera (two I think), some memory, something else (yawning) yadda yadda yadda. Anyway, enough about the device. We can now bring you breaking and very important news about the Nexus 6 BOX. Yes folks, the day is now culminating in what looks to be the first images of the Nexus 6 box and it is beautiful. We all know that once the box is opened the excitement is gone and all you are left with is the device so savor this moment. What's the specs I hear you ask? Well, at the moment they are still rather sketchy with no conformation on size or weight. However, what we do know is the box is white comes with rather jazzy red streaks along each side and contains an embossed number 6 on the front. Once the box is opened the inside reveals a white plastic outlay tray with a contrasting red inlay. Of course the phone...the Nexus thingy is also included.

The breaking and exclusive video of the new box was provided by a T-Mobile employee. 'Des' as he is known is a self-proclaimed 'Tech Evangelist' and so it is probably likely T-Mobile gave him the go-ahead to post the video. So there you go, the Nexus 6 box has now been unboxed (sort of) and we can see from the images that this a step away from the more traditional Nexus boxes we have seen in the past. It is worth remembering there have been no official confirmation from Google on the box and so it cannot be said for sure that this is it. Although, I'm pretty willing to bet that it will be. What do you think? Is it a step-forward from last year's box? Were you expecting more? Let us know your thoughts.

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