Forget Android Wear And Check Out Windows 95 Running on A Smartwatch

win95 smartwatch

Do you remember 1995? If not here is a quick reminder. Clinton was President, Toy Story (the first one) reigned supreme at the box office and Alanis Morissette released ‘Jagged Little Pill’. Yes, folks it was that long ago. Another milestone of 1995 was Windows latest incarnation, the imaginatively titled, Windows 95. This was the first time MS-DOS and Windows products were integrated and proved to be a massive step forward from Windows 3.1. Not to mention that this was the first Windows operating system (OS) to feature the now infamous ‘Start’ button. Windows 95 was hugely successful and quickly became the most popular desktop OS until it was later succeeded by Windows 98, although support for 95 didn’t actually stop until 2001.

Fast forward to today and Windows 95 is making a comeback. Yep, just like music, hairstyles and Tetris, what once was retro always seems to come back around. Now in 2014 we have the likes of Android OS with its many forked versions. We have also seen this year the launching of Android Auto and of course Android Wear. For those who don’t know Wear is the OS underlining smartwatches. Except if you are Corbin Davenport that is. This guy has managed to get Windows 95 running on his smartwatch…the Samsung Gear Live. Davenport uploaded a full video (watch below) of Windows 95 running on the Android Wear device and already it seems to be a massive hit. Although it is a feat to get the twenty year old OS running on a smartwatch the functionality is pretty non-existent. Davenport notes that the OS runs out of RAM immediately after trying to open any application as well as the general operations being slow, sluggish and prone to crashing. In spite of this Windows 95 does work, the menu is loadable and can be navigated using the mouse by touching the screen.

In case you are wondering why? Well, that’s obvious…because he can. Although most adaptations offer users a means to patch a problem or offer features not specifically designed for your device, sometimes users do things like this just to show what is possible and this one does not disappoint. Technology has massively advanced over the last twenty years although this shows that technology at all levels is still compatible…to some degree. If you are wondering how? Then Davenport used aDosBox which is an Android app that allows emulation of an x86 processor providing a DOS(ish) operating system. From here, Davenport was able to install Windows 95. So, if you are a smartwatch owner and not that impressed with Android Wear but can’t find a decent custom ROM to install then why not give Windows 95 a try. I can’t promise it will work, or that you will be able to do anything other than look at the menu, but you will have the coolest smartwatch around and that’s a fact. Kudos Davenport.