Featured: Top 9 Equalizer and Music Player Apps for Android

Whether you're looking to enjoy your music with a new app or just touch up the sound coming out of your device, our list of the Top 10 Equalizer and Music Player Apps for Android should help you out.

Dub Music Player + Equalizer


If you're looking for a music player that can play local content on your phone as well as help give your device a little boost, Dub is a good option. With a UI that should remind some users of their HiFi from back in the day, Dub is a simple, easy-to-use alternative to your built-in music player. It still needs a little work, but there's a good handful of presets as well as custom 5-band equalizer that can help bring out the best in your music. It'll also work just fine over Bluetooth and with controls on your headset, too.


If you want an app that can help spruce up the overall sound on your smartphone without having to go too crazy with in-depth settings, then Equalizer is a nice option. As you might have imagined, this is an Android app that changes the sound on your device to how you like it. There are 11 presets included and you can always adjust things manually if you wish. With widgets for your homescreens and some other tricks up its sleeves, Equalizer is a pretty straightforward app that has a good amount to offer.




Let's say you have a lot of music on your tablet or smartphone and the music app that came with your device just isn't cutting it. This is where DoubleTwist can help, with a super-slick UI and yes, some very decent equalization options. As a music player though, it's one of the best out there, with some excellent tricks up its sleeve. You can think of DoubleTwist as more of an ecosystem than anything else, with lots of add-ons and such to make the whole experience of finding and listening to music on your Android device much more appealing.


Easy Speaker Booster


We reviewed this app not too long ago and while the sound quality does decrease a little when you boost that volume, it really does work. We can't expect miracles from these small speakers that the majority of phones are born with, and if you have an HTC One then you need not apply. However, for those times when all you need is something louder, this works fairly well and as the name suggests, it's really easy to use and doesn't ask much from its users to get working.


Poweramp Music Player


What has to be one of the best all-round players for those who really care about their music, Poweramp has been at the top for years. Not only does it have that whole "I'm a HiFi" vibe going on, it's also one of the most powerful and configurable equalizers out there. It's got a good-looking UI to it, works well on smartphones or tablets and there's a lot to it, this isn't an app that you're likely find a limit to what it can do, with lots of settings that make a genuine change to how the music sounds in those fancy headphones of yours. One of the best out there, Poweramp is the music player for the discerning listener.



This one is a little more advanced, and there's no doubt some of you will already be using this. you need to be rooted to this so if you're not, then you had better keep on reading. On the other hand, if you are rooted, then welcome to the party. I used to this on my Nexus 5 all the time and it was like night and day when it comes to audio quality. The tube emulation is a particular favorite of mind and there are so many features here that take great advantage of the advanced hardware in our smartphones today that if you want to make the most of your mobile music experience you should really look into Viper4Android. There are too many features to list, but you can have different setups for your speaker, your headphones and for Bluetooth. Flexible, powerful and full of features, Viper4Android is one of the best Equalizer options available.




AIMP is the Android version of the popular music player for PCs, and while it's currently in Beta, it's a refreshing change from the current players on the store right now. I wish that there was a little more flare when it comes to the overall UI, but it's not a bad-looking device. Importantly though, it plays every format under the sun and there's a decent graphical equalizer included which works pretty well, especially if you know what you're doing. It's in Beta right now, so AIMP is worth taking a look at, but it'll only get better as time goes on.


DSP Manager

DSP Manager has been around for years now and it's still one of the most friendly EQ apps available, It doesn't ask much of its users and just lets them get on with it. Powerful with some decent presets included, DSP Manager used to be pretty tricky to get installed. Now though, all you need to do is download the CM App Installer from the Play Store and download it from there. If you want a powerful equalizer app that you don't need root for, or to be a rocket scientist to make the most out of it, DSP Manager is an excellent choice.


Rocket Player


Rocket Player is an app that's designed to be as fast as possible, but there are also a whole boatload of extra features included. There are lots of different themes to choose from, with the ability to tweak your track's ID3 tags in order to make your library nice and neat. With a graphical equalizer built-in as well, this covers most of the bases for users that want a fresh sort of experience with the ability to make songs come alive. There's full playlist support here as well as the ability to put good-looking widgets on your homescreen to boot.

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