Featured: Top 10 Road Trip Apps for Android

Whether or not you're looking for a quality app to help you get from A to B, an app to plan out your trip ahead, what to see while you're there or some light entertainment our list of Top 10 Road Trip apps should have something to help you out on the open road.

My Cars (Fuel Logger)


No matter whether or not you know where you're going or you'll be using a Sat Nav or some sort of app to help you get there, you'll need to keep an eye on your fuel and other consumables. For frequent drivers that take long trips across the country or crossing borders, My Cars can be a great way to take back some control your car has on your wallet. What My Cars offers is a really easy way to keep on top of not just your fuel, but your services, how much repairs cost and more. A way to keep track of your expenses and more, My Cars is great for those using a business car and you can find out more by reading our review here.


Google Maps


Let's face it, if you're heading into the unknown, or you want to get the the best route or whatever then Google Maps is still one of the only apps to get you there. It's free, has turn-by-turn navigation built-in and if you have a good data signal on the road, you'll be able to get accurate maps and a quality turn-by-turn navigation throughout your entire trip. Google Maps continues to be great, and it'll even prove helpful for local places when you get to where you're going or you've stopped off at a small town or whatever.


reqallable InCar

We reviewed reqallable some time ago and found it to be the best way to keep in touch with the office, or indeed your family, while at the wheel in a safe and efficient manner. Perfect for those that like to keep in touch with those that they're travelling with or those back home, reqallable trawls through your email and makes sure that you get the most important emails straight to your inbox. It does the same for the SMS messages and integrates links to your most-used contacts as well as the ability to read out your messages to you as you keep your eyes on the road.

Field Trip

An app for when you get to where you're going, Field Trip is another excellent app from within Google itself and it can be a great help if you want to found out the best places to go and learn a little more about your surroundings. It's constantly being updated with more info and it can help find out where the best attractions, museums and more are when you get to your destination. An excellent app that can really help you make the most of your vacation, Field Trip is a great app to take a look at.




Another app we recently took a close look at, Travel-eMate is all about logging your trips, recording things you saw on the way, little shortcuts you might have found and more. It's also designed to help you share this tracking information with those back home that might be following you, anxiously waiting to see if you arrived safe or they might be travelling with you but a ways behind. Whatever you use Travel-eMate for, it's a great way of logging your own trips while also keeping others informed, too.


My Maps

My Maps is from Google is way for you to manage well, your maps. Basically what the app does is allow you to plan trips using Google Maps and while it's clear that Google need to show the app a little more love as of late, it's a nice companion to Google Maps on its own. You can also use My Maps on the web and overall, it's a nifty way of managing maps for later use and planning trips. If Google Maps are the most reliable for you, then this is a great way of enjoying them with some foresight.


Road Trip Planner


For a really great road trip there needs to be a decent amount of planning and while that can be pretty boring, it needn't be with today's apps and technology. With Road Trip Planner for Android, you can quite happily plan where you're going to stop for food, for gas and more. It's a nifty app and while you can only do A to B trips it'll tell you your total mileage, your total fuel usage and you can add points of interest to your route. Great for long road trips and those that don't relish surprises, Road Trip Planner is worth taking a look at.


Waze Maps


So you've arrived somewhere completely new and you have no idea how the local roads act where you've ended up. Waze can help here, with the ability to keep you updated with local knowledge from other drivers. These updates could be roadworks or your everyday type of traffic that's well worth avoiding. You'll see these updates appear as little icons as you head out on your route and once you get used to it, you'll be happy you gave Waze a try as it can be really handy if you're unfamiliar with a local road system.


GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic


Let's face it, all of these fancy turn-by-turn apps are great, but useless if you're overseas or have no signal. Here's where Sygic can help, with offline navigation that works together with your phone's GPS chip, Sygic really does turn your phone into a sat nav. It's a great app and while it's not exactly cheap, it's far from expensive when you consider how useful it can be driving overseas and without data. There's lane guidance as well, which is invaluable at times and there's even a simple heads-up display you can place on your dashboard to get simple directions reversed in your windshield. It's a great app if you're not looking for an online solution and it can be a real help if you're away overseas for some time.


Nailing Roads

Nailing Roads is an app designed to help those that think of a Road Trip more for the driving than the trip itself. For instance, you've taken the motorbike or that sports car you're lucky enough to own on a road trip and now you want to try out the local roads. With Nailing Roads, you can find and take a look at roads that have been deemed suitable for that like to drive, shall we say, adventurously. A neat app that might have some real value in it for those with a need for speed, Nailing Roads is one worth looking at.

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