Featured: Top 10 Best RPG Games for Android


Brave TrialsBrave Trials

Brave Trials is an action rpg with real-time combat that definitely shouldn't be overlooked. It offers a slightly unique play style with a mashup of different gameplay elements. It requires an internet connection as it harbors some online capabilities like PvP, but it also has a complete story and plot with what seems like well thought out dialogue. Combat is quite similar to what you might find in rpgs like the Zenonia series. Movement is handled with on screen virtual d-pads, with a main attack and three equipped special class based attacks. There are three classes to choose from, a fighter, a rogue, and a mage, with choices for both male and female characters of each. The game fosters an epic adventure where you must travel between dimensions to save the world, and in between the main storyline you can compete in the Arena, fight against world bosses, or try your hand at the party trials or wayfaerer's war. Visuals are heavily anime influenced. Brave Trials is free and you can grab the game from the Play Store link.


Reaper is a side scrolling rpg title from Hexage, where you play as the black swordsman and must journey on a big adventure that will have you crossing swords with thousands of enemies and devious foes. Reaper is a world that is filled to the brim with tons of magic and monsters to battle, you'll meet some friendly characters during your adventure, and there's plenty of gear and other equipment to collect and upgrade to. You can level up your character with a large selection of different skills, choose the ones that suit your play style best. There are literally hundreds of different swords to obtain. It supports Google Play Games achievements, leaderboards, and cloud save capabilities so you can play across devices, and you can play with on screen controls or hook up a bluetooth gamepad for a traditional video game feel. Reaper is free, but you can pay for the extra game content in-app which also includes some awesome weapons and gear, as well as leveling your character past level 10 and continuing the journey. If you're ready to embark on an epic adventure filled with mystery, intrigue, monsters, and goofy old mages, you can grab Reaper from the Play Store link.

KritikaKritika Chaos Unleashed

Kritika is an action rpg hack n' slash game where you'll have to battle across distant worlds and dispatch your foes. There are currently 4 character classes to play and choose from with more being added in upcoming content updates. Currently you can play as the cat acrobat, the beserker, the dark valkyrie, and the newest class, the shadow mage. Level up your character through 62 different stages, each with three levels of difficulty. Encounter the the endless onslaught of attacks in the Monster Wave which gives weekly in game gold rewards at the end of each week based on points acquired through kills. Climb the Tower of Tribulation and see if you can conquer all 55 floors, and test your skills in the arena against other players. There's tons of skills, armor and weapon upgrades. Build up your EX gauge and unleash a special devastating EX attack. Visuals are heavily anime influenced, with lush 3D environments and amazing looking combat graphics. Kritika is free, and you can grab it from the Play Store link.


Chaos Rings IIChaos-Rings-II-Banner

Chaos Rings II is the much anticipated follow up to the critically acclaimed rpg in the series, the original Chaos Rings. Would you sacrifice the one you love to save the world? In Chaos Rings II, you are the chosen one and you must succumb to your fate of slaughtering the other sacrifices to save the world and bring it back from the brink of destruction. The story is molded by your choices throughout the game, your actions have an adverse reaction to the way the game plays out. Visuals are highly advanced with 3D graphics, combat is standard JRPG style with a strategic battle system, and there is a fairly large cast of characters with deep;y complex and in depth stories and background with real voice acting. Chaos Rings II offers classic JRPG gameplay with new elements and lots of gameplay hours, gear and item upgrades. Level your characters and build out your skills and attacks as you fight to save what's left of the planet, even if it means killing the one you love. Chaos Rings II is $15.99, and you can grab the game from the Play Store link.

Dragon QuestDragon-Quest

The original Dragon Quest has finally made its way to Android not too long ago, and is the third Dragon Quest game to hit the Play Store. Relive the original classic JRPG with hours upon hours of gameplay, epic stories and adventures, unique battle systems and tons of little slimes. Explore the world of Dragon Quest and defeat the Dragon Lord. gameplay is in a unique and refreshed portrait mode, which makes for an awesome experience as you can play the game with one hand fairly easily utilizing the on screen virtual controls. Battle through historic realms as the lone hero Erdrick. You'll encounter many foes and puzzles on your way to slay the Dragon Lord's lair. The story is legendary, and now you can take the adventure with you anywhere. Dragon Quest is $2.99 for a little piece of nostalgia. You can grab the game from the Play Store link.

Ravensword ShadowlandsRavensword Shadowlands

Ravensword Shadowlands is a vast open-world epic rpg and the sequel to Aralon Sword and Shadow. If you like to explore the world around you while you play, Ravesword will allow you to do just that. The game holds a richly detailed world filled with tons of different environments. Pick and customize your character class with a deep set of customization options, then embark on a journey like you've never experienced before. Switch between first person and third person views to play the way you want. The scenery is highly detailed, and the game features an original soundtrack for deep immersion. You'll find a near endless amount of items to use, tons of weapons and armor, you can pickpocket people, pick locks, and raise your stealth skills. equip magical runes, and enhance items, and brandish tons of various weapons, which you'll need if you're going to have any chance at defeating your enemies. Ravensword Shadowlands will cost you $6.99, and you can grab the game from the Play Store link.


Final Fantasy IVfinal_fantasy_4_night_wallpaper

Final Fantasy IV was a pivotal game in the series, bringing new combat systems and job classes to the mix. The original game was redone with 3D visuals and eventually ported to mobile devices. It features deeply emotional portrayals for many of the game's characters, voice acting for cutscenes, a new mapping feature where you start with a blank dungeon and uncover sections of the map as you cross through them. It's the same epic game you may remember but with some new additions. Newcomers to the game who love the jrpg style will definitely want to check this game out as it's one that shouldn't be missed. Final Fantasy IV is $15.99, and you can relive the magic that it offers, or live it for the first time by grabbing it from the Play Store link.

Avabel Online RPGAvabel

Avabel is an open world 3D massively multiplayer online rpg. It features a vast open world full of adventures, quests, enemies, epic boss battles and friendly encounters. There are over 35 different classes to choose from. In Avabel you'll find tons of fantasy based adventure, newly added classes from the latest update, a pet system, intense PvP battles, new weapon types, new class skills and advanced class types, a newly raised level cap, and tons of other epic stuff. If you enjoy MMO's, this is one of the best MMO game experiences you can have on mobile. Avabel has between 5 million and 10 million installs, and while it's very likely that not all those installs are active players, the game most certainly has literally tons of active players so it'll feel like an MMO should. Avabel is free, and you can grab the game from the Play Store link.

Final Fantasy VIFinal.Fantasy.VI.full.1359222

Final Fantasy VI might just be the favorite among fans, and the most epic game in the entire series. The Android version features recreated graphics that look like the original but slightly remastered to better fit today's mobile devices, which means brighter colors, and overall sharper visuals throughout. In Final Fantasy VI you play the lone remaining person in the world capable of wielding magic, a thousand years after magic had seemingly disappeared. The world is full of iron, gunpowder and steam engines, and your enemies seek to take and control your magical powers for themselves. If you're looking for a classic jrpg style game with plenty of hours of gameplay and one of the most epic stories in any rpg to date, give Final Fantasy VI a try. Final Fantasy VI will cost you $15.99, and you can grab the game from the Play Store link.


Dragon Quest VIIIdragon-quest-VIII-android-game

Dragon Quest VIII is a classic jrpg, recreated with 3D visuals and anime stylized graphics, and eventually ported to mobile devices. Just like the original Dragon Quest which was recently released, it plays in portrait mode so you can easily play this game comfortably with one hand. There are over 80 hours of gameplay included, so if you're looking for a game that will last you a while, this is it. Dragon Quest VIII features the famous tension system in combat, so you can psyche up your character for some stronger attacks. Combine existing items to create entirely new ones in the Alchemy Pot, and build up a team of monsters if you're tough enough to beat them in them in battle. The kingdom has fallen into a cursed slumber, and you'll have to embark on an epic journey to stop a crazed, evil magician if you're to ever set things right. Dragon Quest is by far the steepest game in this list at a cost of $19.99, but the hours of epic gameplay are well worth it. If you're looking for one of the most epic RPGs to ever hit Android, grab Dragon Quest VIII from the Play Store link.