Featured: Top 10 Best Android Beer Apps

World Of Beer Mobile

The World Of Beer app lets you find locations for the World of Beer. It contains useful information about the different types of beers, find World of Beers locations, and even find about different events being held at the World of Beers. It also lets you access your loyalty information if you have a World of Beers loyalty card, and can also earn badges for different beers you've tried. The World of Beer app is free, and you can grab the download from the Play Store link here.

Beer Pong Tricks

Beer Pong Tricks is a simple game that seeks to tug at the heart strings of beer pong lovers. There's over 230 levels to play through with all kinds of elements that have the potential to throw you off your game like tricking the ball off shelves, tables, walls and more, all just to try and land it in the cup just like in real beer pong. It appears to have Google Play Games services tied to it, which should mean achievements and leaderboards, and at the very least Google+ sign-in. Beer Pong Tricks is free, and you can grab the download from the Play Store link here.

Beer Mode

If you love beer and you absolutely love beer from New Belgium, this is the app for you. No New Belgium brewery fan should be without the Beer Mode app. Beer Mode basically lets you enter your availability status into a state of beer mode, where the app will post preselected messages to your social feeds so that you can give your all your attention to the beer you're drinking. The messages get posted to your Facebook or Twitter account every half hour after you select a persona to have the app take on while posing as you.There's also an included beer menu so you can view, rate, and share your favorite New Belgium beers. Beer Mode is free, and you can grab the download from the Play Store link here.

Rate Beer

Rate Beer is all about.. well, rating beer. It carries a huge source of information on craft beer of all kinds shows you useful ratings information. You can search for and find beers that you're looking for by type or even ABV(alcohol by volume)value. It shows the top 50 beers by overall and by country so you can easily narrow down your findings results, and you can also find beer events by country and state. To make some of the searching easy, you can search for and get the information on local places that carry beer you're interested in trying, and you can open the data inside of Google Maps or go straight to the phone to call directly. This is one of the most complete and useful apps for an true beer enthusiast, and Rate Beer is free. You can grab the download from the Play Store link here.

Brewer's Friend Free

This app is dedicated to the home brewer. It holds a wealth of information of resources useful to any home brewer of any level, with a complete list of needed brewing tools and information about beer. It contains calculators for ABV, IBU, All Grain, Brew House Efficiency, mash Calculator and more. If you're a home brewer this is definitely an application worth checking out. The app is free and you can grab the download from the Play Store link here.

Fiz: Brewery Management Game

Sometimes a perfect companion to drinking beer can be playing games, and what better game could fill that void than a game about managing and growing your very own brewery. Fiz lets you grow your own brewery from the ground up, managing your employees and the tools you need to make your brewery a successful business. There's 20+ hours of gameplay included, 60+ randomly selected events and competitions, and tons of recipes to discover and employees to hire. Because, you can't run a brewery without employees. Fiz: Brewery Management Game from Bit By Bit Studios is $2.99, and you can grab the download from the Play Store link here.

Home Brew

Home Brew is a a homebrewing forum app that contains boards for chatting about beer, beer recipes, articles, reviews, and classfields. You'll find topics on yeast, fermentation, techniques, partial mash, and more. If you're looking to talk it up with some other home brewers and maybe even share some awesome ideas for that next brew, this app could be just what you need. Home Brew is free, and you can grab the download from the Play Store link here.


Sometimes you might need a little help tracking down your favorite beers, or new beers to try at a local taphouse. It can be hard to keep track of all the taphouse locations in your area too, and this is where TapHunter can help. The app can help you find great craft beers in your local area or in a new town that you're visiting. You can even use the app to save your favorite beers when their on tap at a local spot, and get a notification when it starts flowing so you know when to go down and have a pint. It also has information on where you can buy specialty beers in the bottle or can, and get freshness readings on beer lists. TapHunter is free, and you can grab the download from the Play Store link here.

Beer Citizen

Beer Citizen is one of the top apps dedicated to finding great brews to drink, share reviews on stuff you've tried, read others reviews on something before you pick up your next beer to try, and check out beer profiles so you can get the opinions of other beer citizens just like you. The app is completely social so you can share your favorite beers, breweries and you Beer Citizen profile to Facebook or Twitter any time you want. You can check in your current location when having a beer if you want to review it for other citizens to come across, and even upload pics to accompany your findings so people can see what the beer looks like after a fresh pour. Be sure to add those tasting notes for anyone who might be so inclined to read them. Beer Citizen is free, and you can grab the download from the Play Store link here.


Untappd separates the good from the truly great when it comes to beer apps. Beer can be much better when enjoyed socially and that's exactly what Untappd is designed to do for you. You can find and review local beers, beers from around the world and see what other think of stuff you've tried. Add photos and tasting notes of beers you review. Check in at local spots so people know where to go to get that great tasting beer. Untappd will even give you personalized beer recommendations based on your tastes and your friends tastes, making searching for that next beer to try a little easier. By checking in and posting your beers, you can also earn local badges, thanks to the build in Foursquare tools. Untappd offers a lot more and it's free, and you can grab the download from the Play Store link here.

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