Featured: Top 10 Barcode and QR Code Android Apps

Top 10 QR Code Barcode

Whether you’re looking to simply be able to scan QR codes you keep on seeing around or to compare prices on barcodes during your shopping, our Top 10 list of QR code and Barcode apps for Android should have something for you.

RedLaser Barcode & QR Scanner



RedLaser is much more than just a barcode scanning app, it’s a way of shopping online (and off) smarter and getting the best deal that you can. Scanning a barcode is just the beginning here as this will search the internet for better deals than the price you probably have in front of you and while it perhaps isn’t the best feature comparison app out there, being able to scan a code is much easier. You can even look for nearby stores as well as just buying online, which is pretty handy as well.



QR Code Reader

qrcode reader


QR Code Reader from Scan might not have the most original name out there, and it also doesn’t do anything others don’t, but it’s got an ace up its sleeve. It works great on tablets (which is pretty rare for these apps) and you can see a quick and simple history of your scans both on your device, your other device and on the web. Which is perfect for both you intrepid folk that scan every QR code you ever see as well as those of you that use QR Codes for business, which is a fair few of you, I am sure. A decent app that gets the job done, QR Code Reader is easy to use.



QR Wear for Android Wear


QR Codes and Android Wear watches are pretty much a born match, but developers that make apps like the Starbucks app and other loyalty apps haven’t bothered to help out on that front just yet. So, here is what an enterprising developer can do with some imagination, QR Wear can help you turn your credit cards, loyalty cards and more into a QR code or any form of small barcode. It’s pretty impressive stuff, but sadly this all depends on whether or not your local stores or whatever even take QR codes and depending on where you are that might be a lot. However, if you live in a city and these barcodes and QR codes are everywhere, then this is well worth looking into.



Norton Snap QR Code Reader



I have to admit, this is a pretty niche product, this is a bizarre sort of QR code reader and while it’s got some interesting use to it, I can’t be so sure that many people would use this. For those that need to check up on QR codes that might have been plastered around the workplace or to check if one in an email is safe, this app from Norton is your friend. A strange addition for use, it’s at least nice to be able to tell whether or not what we’re scanning is genuine and taking us to where it says it is.



QuickMark Barcode Scanner


QuickMark Barcode Scanner is essentially your everyday QR Code and Barcode scanner with a pretty fancy generator attached to it. It’s not just a scanner and it’s not just a generator, but it does lean more to the creation side of things. QuickMark Barcode Scanner can be used to create some very nice looking QR codes, allowing you to place them in perhaps a classroom or workplace without them looking cold and digital. Great for utilizing QR Codes in a fun and inviting manner, QuickMark Barcode Scanner is a little bit of everything rolled into one.



Buycott – Barcode Scanner Vote


Buycott is an extremely interesting concept and while it’s one that hasn’t taken off just yet, it’s no less intriguing to get involved with. Essentially, Buycott uses barcodes and databases to turn our consumer lifestyles against the corporations and vote with our wallets. Let’s say for instance a certain brand of pet food has been found guilty of cruel animal testing or perhaps putting some sort of additive in your cat food, with Buycott you can scan that brand and find out where to lodge a complain online and/or over the phone as well as find out what other brands you’ll need to avoid with your wallet. It’s a neat concept and if you believe in voting with your wallet, you’ll want to give it a go.



QR Code Generator


So you want a simple, yet fairly flexible QR code generator? Look no further than this, it works well, it’s simple and you can use images for backgrounds as well. Making things super-easy there’s no messing around here you just input your data, maybe add a little flare in and you’re done. That’s it and you’ll even be able to send the image via SMS right from the app. I like the ability to add images to the codes and it pretty much does what it says on the tin.



ScanLife Barcode & QR Reader


Like eBay’s RedLaser, ScanLife is not only keen on capitalizing halfway through a word, but more about helping you find a better deal. With ScanLife, you can scan your favorite products and check their prices online and you’ll be able to access a history list of these and get updates when the devices are on sale or when they’ve come down in price. It’s a cool app and one that could really help you get a better deal, especially if you’re not above scanning barcodes in public and then purchasing them online when you get home or straight from your phone.



Business Card Wear


This has to be one of the best uses for Android Wear and QR Codes we’ve seen. It’s pretty simple, it allows you to fill in your information like your address, phone and name and such to then be transformed into a QR Code. A QR Code that can be easily opened up on your watch to show to people at business meetings and that sort of thing. It might be brutally simple, but it makes a lot of sense when you think about it and it might be just what you’ve been waiting for, especially if your field uses a lot of QR codes for ID and that sort of thing.


QR Code Generator – UC Browser

qr code uc

An add-on for the UC Browser, this QR code generator mostly makes it easier than ever to share things to your friends and family from your browser. Of course, if that’s something that interests you then go ahead and give this a go. It’s only useful if you already have UC Browser installed and used as your main browser, but if you’re big on QR Codes and in the mood for a new web browser then this could be a perfect double-recommendation for you!