Featured: SensoTRACK Is The Health Monitor That Can Also Be Your Personal Trainer


As the wearables market gains more popularity we are starting to see wearables branch out into other fields. In particular the health industry seems to be an extremely accommodating industry for wearable technology. As such it should not come as much of a surprise that over the next few months and years we will see more and more health-based wearables hitting the market. Speaking of which, there is currently an interesting new wearable doing the rounds on Kickstarter. SensoTRACK is a new type of wearable that can be used to both monitor your health and also provide constructive feedback which in turn can improve your workouts and health in general.

Whats Is It?

Well, in short its an earpiece. But unlike more traditional earpieces this one is designed to measure various aspects of your health and fitness. To name just a few the SensoTRACK monitors your blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, respiration rate and calories burned. With this information SensoTRACK is able to continually monitor and provide information on major changes in any of your vitals accordingly


What Are The Benefits?

Well, beside the already mentioned ability to monitor all of your vital signs one of the clever bits of SensoTRACK is that it can provide feedback information to you. This occurs via two ways. The first is the more traditional type of feedback which can be viewed either through its smartphone app or desktop interface. The software provides the ability to store your data based feedback in a dedicated secure cloud as well as detailed summaries and advanced analytics.

This way on a daily, weekly or monthly basis you can see any improvements (or reductions) in your performance. According to the developers this allows the users do receive realistic information on their progress which in turn can help fuel the positivity needed to continue. The software can also help you to plan future workouts and programs based on the real data it receives.

The second main benefit which is slightly more unique to this product is that as well as being able to monitor your statistics it can provide actual real time feedback and in effect be used as a personal trainer. As this is an earpiece device the unit has the ability to speak back to you. For instance, the earpiece can provide information on how you are currently doing, if you are overworking, should you slow down, speed up or take a breather. In this sense it has the ability to act as a coaching tool, but one with both knowledge of what you typically can do and what you are currently doing. The software can then coach the user through their workout with real-time comments and suggestions.


What Are The Specs?

  • Monitors: Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Respiration Rate, Oxygen Saturation, Activity Level, Calories Burned, Speed, Location, Altitude, Distance, Fall Detection, Step Count
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth V4.0 LE, Micro-USB Port
  • Battery: Rechargeable lithium polymer battery, 24 hours on a full charge, Charges in 45 minutes
  • Operation Conditions: Can be used in temperatures ranging from -17°C to 60°C (1.4°F to 140°F) and at a humidity: <= 90% RH
  • Weight and dimensions: Weighs 14g and there are two ear sizes consisting of the E-Clip 43 x 11 x 47mm and the Z-Clip 39 x 23 x 33mm (L/W/H)

Where Can I Get It?

Well, as already mentioned this is currently at the Kickstarter stage. According to the developers the prototypes are already produced and working with no issues noted. The product is now looking for funding to roll-out a mass-production. According to the Kickstarter listing the SensoTRACK will be available for very early investors as early as February 2015 with a larger roll-out commencing March 2015. If you are interested in the device and want to be part of the early February roll-out then it will set you back $249.99 for the device. If you are happy to hold on and wait for the March roll out then you can pick it up for $199.99. For more information you can either check-out the main SensoTRACK website or visit the SensoTRACK Kickstarter page where you can also find out more information on the pricing structure.