Could Facebook And Samsung Be Working On A Smartphone Together?

If you had forgotten about the HTC First, more commonly known as the Facebook phone, that can be forgiven seeing as how the phone was a complete bomb. There had been rumors that Facebook would be launching a device for a long time and HTC finally delivered something, although sales didn't exactly go as planned. With Facebook's first venture into the smartphone hardware market anything but a complete success, one would think that perhaps they'd stick to what they know best and work on that platform. The social network. Fast forward to today though and it seems that there is a possible belief that Facebook could be working on a piece of hardware with Samsung.

Technically they have already done with this with Samsung's Gear VR headset meant for gaming, since they own Oculus who actually provided software support for the Gear VR device, but the report seems to suggest that if they're actually working on something together that it might be a smartphone. Could this be the next Facebook phone to hit the market? According to the source, South Korean media makes claims of a definite happening when it comes to a Samsung and Facebook collaborated smartphone, those are just rumors however so take it with a grain of salt seeing as their no official information.

What we do know is that Samsung and Facebook have once again met up for business dealings, which could be about something else entirely and could very well have to do with the Gear VR. Facebook and Samsung currently hold a partnership for the Gear VR, and should Facebook and Samsung partner together for a device it could mean big things for Samsung and more headaches for Samsung's competition, and with both companies being as massive as they are, with Samsung's marketing and the recognition that them and Facebook hold surely they could come up with some compelling. As koreatimes reports though, Samsung's likelihood of a Facebook only device is low due to market saturation and something as limiting as a device with a focus on one social network and all things related to it, would leave little choice to consumers on what they could do with it.  What do you think about the possibility of a Samsung/Facebook device?

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