Endomondo Now Supports Android Wear And Galaxy Gear S


Endomondo users rejoice! At long last the fitness tracking Android app now supports Android Wear as well as the Galaxy Gear S. Ever since the release of the first Android Wear device, Endomondo users have been pleading for them to add support for Android Wear and it looks like they were listening. The update to the Endomondo Android app today not only adds support for Android Wear and the Galaxy Gear S but also adds some cool new features as well.

Let's start off by, of course, talking about the new support for Android Wear included in the update today. In order to launch Endomondo on your Android Wear device all you need to do is say, "Okay Google, start Endomondo", and it will launch the app. You can also launch the app the slightly-less convenient way by tapping your smartwatch screen and scrolling all the way to the bottom to the "Start" button. And if you're wondering how you get the Endomondo app on your Android Wear device, it's extremely easy, just download the latest version of the app to your phone and then pair your Android Wear device to it. Once you are using the app on your Android Wear device you can see the duration, distance, speed, calories burned, and pace of your bike ride or run.

The updated Endomondo app also introduces support for Samsung's latest smartwatch, the Gear Live S. This is the fourth Samsung smartwatch to gain Endomondo support and it's as good as ever. Running the app on the Gear Live S essentially gives you the same functionality as it does on Android Wear, it shows you stats, only it is able to show more per page due to the larger display. Although there is one feature that Endomondo offers on the Gear Live S that it does not offer on the LG G Watch due to hardware limitations, heart-rate monitoring. This is offered on both the Gear Live S and the Moto 360.


Now lets talk about new additions to the Endomondo app itself, shall we! The first thing you will probably notice that's new in the app is the new training plan creation wizard and overview. These two new additions make creating a training plan easier and give you more details on said plans. Also new to the Endomondo app is in-app Twitter sharing. This feature allows you to share you workouts and accomplishments via Twitter very easily with your family and friends. All of these new additions as well as Android Wear and Gear Live S support make this update to the Endomondo app one worth downloading. There is enough new here to keep fitness junkies as well as the occasional runner very satisfied. Drop us a comment and let us know what you think of the new update.

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