DynaOptics Developing New Zoom Technology For Smartphone Cameras

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There is no doubt that when it comes to taking photographs with your smartphone, things have come a long way. When cameras started being included in mobile phones, it seemed that they were included as an afterthought. The camera was there, but it wasn’t very good. Nowadays, the quality of a phone’s camera it one of its most important selling features. Every review of a newly released smartphone will most likely feature and in-depth look at its camera features. Smartphone manufacturers are certainly aware of people’s lust for an amazing camera and, for the most part, keep pushing the boundaries of camera technology with each new device that they release. When LG released their G3 flaghsip earlier this year it featured a great 13 MP camera with Optical Image Stabilization and that phone went on to become its best-selling device ever. LG doesn’t seem to want to rest on its laurels, however, as it has been rumoured this week that their upcoming G4 smartphone will feature a 20.7 MP shooter.

While there is no doubt that you don’t have to look hard these days to find a smartphone with a good camera, there is still a long way to go in terms of a smartphone being the ideal picture taking device. Have you ever tried to zoom onto a subject with your smartphone’s camera and then had a great picture afterwards? Probably not. DynaOptics is a startup company that is hoping to change this. They are currently working on technology that could see genuine optical zoom come to the cameras in smartphones. Most conventional cameras have a protruding lens to help with zooming in to take close-up photos but, obviously, that isn’t possible with smartphones considering consumer demand for the thinnest device possible. When Apple released their newest iPhone’s recently they received a lot of flak because the cameras aren’t flush with the device and instead protrude just slightly out of the back. In order to avoid something like this, DynaOptics has developed a technology that uses lateral movement of the lenses in order to perform an optical zoom, thus making it perfect to fit into today’s ultra-slim smartphones.

Smartphone photographers of the world will be happy to know that DynaOptics has revealed that we could see this technology begin to appear in smartphones as early as next year. So what do you think? Are you happy to hear of this development? How important is the camera when it comes to deciding what smartphone to buy? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on our Google + page.