Dead Zebra's Lucky Lucy Available Tomorrow To Bring You Extra Bad Luck This Halloween

October is here already and you know what that means? Nope, not the Google Nexus launch. That's old news now, move on. No, I'm talking about Halloween. Yes, the most fun holiday of the year is creeping up on us like a...Walker (for my Walking Dead buddies out there). Yes, Halloween is just around the corner and like every other year, along with the holiday comes masses of creepiness and weirdness. To get you very much in the mood it seems Andrew Bell and Dead Zebra have their latest creation ready for us. If you've never heard of Dead Zebra these guys over the last few years have been assigned the ultra-cool task of designing and producing a number of Android collectible figurines. For instance, last Christmas the Dead Zebra clan released ornamental Droid bugs to lighten (or darken to keep the Halloween theme going) your Christmas decorations.

Now that Halloween is here the new offering is very surreal. As you can see in the image this Android mini figurine is a black cat under the guise 'Lucky Lucy'. Anyone who has even been to a Chinese restaurant will know that a Chinese restaurant is not a Chinese restaurant if it doesn't have a lucky cat (sometimes called money cat). Lucy seems to be directly influenced by this with the same raised hand. In fact, if you want some useless background information the legend is a lucky cat with the left paw raised is welcoming while the right paw raised is to bring good luck. As Lucy's left paw is up you can be sure this one won't be bringing you much luck. If you need more convincing that Lucy is unlucky (in spite of her name) she comes with a massive 13 printed on her chest. More useless information for you - the number 13 is actually considered to be a lucky number in China. Lastly, Lucy is actually two-faced with teeth showing on one side and a smirking face on the other side...hidden meaning maybe.

Either way, if you are suddenly feeling in the Halloween spirit and want to get your paws (sorry, couldn't help it) on one then you will need to be quick. These are a limited edition item and will be going on sale tomorrow morning at 8am (PT) from Dead Zebra. Lucy will set you back a creepy $10 and you buyers are limited to two per household. This should suggest to you how low the availability will be. So if you do want one, you better be quick...and lucky.

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