Current Owners Of Chromecast Can Also Grab Two Months Free Hulu Plus


Last week it was reported a neat Chromecast deal had popped up for new subscribers. In case you missed it (or just to remind you) the deal was only open to people who purchased Chromecast as a new customer. To reward their new custom, Google had teamed up with Hulu Plus to offer two months free streaming of the Hulu Plus service. If you have never used Hulu Plus then in short this is quite similar to Netflix or Amazon Instant Video. Hulu Plus is a subscription based service (like Netflix) and will set you back $7.99 a month. For this you can stream unlimited shows and movies and across your devices. This overall is a good deal for new customers and especially when you consider the dongle itself only costs $35 to buy. Once you factor in the two months free subsection (basically $16) then the cost of the actual device is brought down to only $19. Sweet by any measurement. This is also an even better deal when you take into account Hulu Plus only offer (as standard) a seven day free trial which is significantly less than both Netflix and Amazon's one month trials.

As mentioned it was originally reported last week that this deal was only available to new customers (which is how it is being advertised by Google). However, it now seems that any (new or current) owners of the Chromecast can take advantage of the Hulu Plus offer. It is not sure if this is merely accidental or if Google have made the deal available to everyone intentionally but either way the advertising of the availability to current owners is non-existent. So if you do already own a Chromecast and were upset by the news that only new customers were getting the deal then it may be worth checking out your account. To see if you can get the Hulu offer then open Chromecast, hit the triple dash menu (you know the one…top right corner) and you should see a link 'Check for Offers'. After clicking this you should be redirected to a webpage listing the currently available offers including Hulu Plus.


Like all free trials, Hulu Plus will require you to sign up and provide payment details (credit card, PayPal, food stamps etc). So it will be up to you to make sure you cancel the subscription before the two month trial ends and they start charging. But if you were thinking about it and do already own the Chromecast then it's probably worth checking out your offers. As always let us know if you can (or cannot) get the deals mentioned. Lastly, don't forget you can still also get a free three month subscription to Google Play Music All Access (normally $9.99 per month) which should also be listed on your Chromecast offers page.

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