CM11S Camera Pushed To The Google Play Store As 'Cyanogen Camera'

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The CameraNext camera app that comes with the OnePlus One is fantastic. The device takes great shots and CynaogenMod has built some fantastic features into the camera software. Settings like Clear Image and Slow Shutter let you get awesome photos even in extremely low light. The camera app is now in the Play Store listed as Cyanogen Camera, but it’s limited to just OnePlus devices running the most recent version of CM11S. I’m currently using a OnePlus One, but I’m running the CM11 nightly builds and not CM11S proper. As you can see in the screenshot above, I can’t download Cyanogen Camera. I had to search for the APK and side load the app.

The most recent CM11S version to roll out the OnePlus One is the 38R update that began rolling out about a week ago. The CameraNext version packaged with 38R is version 2.0.002. The software version for the Cyanogen Camera on the Play Store is 2.0.003. There probably isn’t any difference other than the distribution method. To date, the team has been packaging updates to the camera with CM11S updates. That method can get bulky and slows down updates to the camera app itself. Putting the app on the Play Store is an easy way for the Cyanogen, Inc. team to get updates out to the camera software out quickly.

CyanogenMod has already pushed the GalleryNext app to the Play Store, too. It’s now called Cyanogen Gallery. The Cyanogen Gallery groups your photos by date so that they are easy to find. I like Google’s Photos app well enough, but Cyanogen Gallery is great because of the way it organizes your photos and makes them easy to find. Other companies like Samsung, HTC, and Motorola also host some of their apps on the Play Store in order to make updates easier. I just hope that CyanogenMod makes the Cyanogen Camera available for the CM11 nightlies too, and that they eventually roll it out to everyone.