CitySpot For Google Glass Will Ease The Pain Of Parking

We have all experienced it, the irritation and frustration of trying to find a parking spot for a half an hour, especially in big cities where parking spots are as valuable as gold. Well now a new Google Glass app hopes to help make the experience of finding a parking spot easier and just plain better. How you ask? By actually finding you a place to park.

The way CitySpot works is very simple, while the user is driving the app finds the users current location and then finds the nearest parking lot and shows the user how to get there. CitySpot will even show the user how much the parking lot cost to use. Once the user confirms that this is the parking lot that they would like to use, CitySpot will navigate them there and wallah! The user has now found a place to park with little or no frustration involved.

Whats great about the CitySpot Glass app is that it never requires the user to take their eyes off of the road. With similar apps on your smartphone you would obviously be required to actually take your eyes off of the road and look down at your smartphone, you might find a parking spot but you might not make it there unharmed. More Google Glass apps like this are needed, apps that pertain to driving and get users to stop looking down at their devices screen and instead looking up at the road.

As of now the CitySpot app only works in a few cities, San Francisco, Toronto, Ottawa. Other obvious cities such as Los Angeles and New York will more than likely be added in the future if this app gets any sort of traction with users. But right now, limiting your app to such a small group of cities will definitely hurt your userbase numbers. With such a small groups of cities and the fact that not many people own a pair of Google Glass as is, the odds of someone having a need for this app is pretty slim. Despite this, we hope to see CitySpot thrive and get more cities added and become somewhat of a big deal because apps like this not only make the roads in big cities a safer place but finding parking spots easier is just so nice.

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