You Can Now Buy Spare Moto 360 Charge Docking Stations From Best Buy


OK, so you must have heard of the Moto 360? Yes, you have! It's the weird digital watch which is not digital like they used to be in the 80's. You know it's a smartwatch…digital watch. Yes, Samsung and LG made some too but if you remember they were square…both in design and in nature. This is the other one…the round one. Yes, that's the one, the Moto 360. The one that had all the battery issues not so long ago. Well, that's all fixed now, as Motorola rolled out an update a couple of weeks ago which apparently fixed the battery drain and now everyone seems happy with it. OK, so you want to go get one. Yeah, sure Best Buy sells them and they cost $250. Oh and while we are there you should definitely think about picking up a spare charger for the device. Yeah the charger is great. It's this desktop thing…kinda like a cradle and the watch literally rests on top while charging. You know like in the picture above. Anyway you should definitely think about buying an extra charger for work or for one of the other rooms at home.

Yes folks. For all you Moto 360 lovers and owners you can now buy an additional charger to place and use wherever you like. Best Buy have the additional chargers in stock, they are currently available to buy and are costing $39.99. So they are a little more expensive than you would normally pay for a charger for your smartphone. But to be fair, it is a better charger then you would buy for your smartphone. If you are thinking about getting one then you probably already have the watch as you wouldn't be buying the charger without having the device! But just so you know it is the official charger which allows you to dock the smartwatch and wirelessly charge while in that position. For those that don't have the watch yet the charger is actually rather neat. It allows the device screen to remain on while charging and is positioned in a way that you can see the time (and charge status) without having to touch the watch. As such it does make a rather sweet bedside table addition.


And now you have the opportunity to have another one to keep at work and jazz up your desk or just simply to place in the living room. As mentioned they are on sale through Best Buy for $39.99. Now, on the website Best Buy do list the watch qualifies for free shipping (over $35) however it also states that the docking stations are not available for shipping. Yeah I know! So at the moment they are only available through store pick-up. With this in mind whether or not you can get one will depend on how good your local Best Buy is and whether they are stocking the units. There is no news at the moment as to when shipping will be available or if this is a limited stock situation or anything really. So if you were craving an extra cradle it may be worth popping down to Best Buy soon. It's unlikely the same sell-out situation we saw with the Moto 360 a few weeks back will occur but hey, you never know.

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