Blackphone Creator Silent Circle Rumored To Be Working On A Tablet

The Black Phone Picture

In this age of technology there has been an ever increasing need for better mobile security, quite simply because we as a society use our mobile smartphones, and devices like tablets more than we use our computers these days. Attempted NSA email tapping and personal information hunting through Google and other sources as well as cyber attacks from hackers and cyber criminals is a big red flag that we need to do absolutely everything we can to protect ourselves from any such attack. Other examples of obvious reasons why better mobile security is needed can be summed up with the recent numerous accounts of leaked images from various cloud accounts and applications like the third party snapchat app from earlier. While nothing can replace the habit of making sure you have a decent password, one way to get better mobile security has been through the use of the Blackphone, a recently released Android based smartphone from Secret Circle which has highly advanced encryption standards to give the user back the control.

Secret Circle is now rumored to be working on a tablet device as well which could give users the same level of security and protection that they could get from the Blackphone, but while browsing through their tablet too. Sometimes browsing or using apps are just better and more enjoyable on a bigger screen, and with the possibility of a Blacktablet we’ll call it, all mobile device usage can be encrypted instead of just when we’re on our smartphones.

There’s no other detail about the possible tablet device to be, just that Silent Circle has a tablet in the works which CEO Jon Callas apparently told BBC Newsbeat. When and where we might be able to expect to purchase the tablet device is still unknown at this point, but rest assured that we’ll keep you updated once more information comes to light about it. If you were at all interested in the Blackphone and have a similar interest in a tablet that has the same security standards, we’d keep our eyes open. Do you have a need for personal mobile security like this?