BitTorrent Sync Handles Direct Device To Device File Transfers Faster Than Other Apps

In the midst of all the technology advancements we've come across since the turn of cloud storage and mobile device usage, there has been somewhat of a mad dash to find the best platform as end users for our daily needs. There are plenty of different cloud options out there, and they all have something great to offer to users. Between Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and others, there is certainly no shortage of apps and PC companion clients to meet these needs. They're great too because they offer a wide range of different options for how much cloud storage you need. The only issue with most of or all of them, is that they don't sync files and data particularly fast in a lot of cases. This is where BitTorrent's app Sync comes in, and can offer a blazing fast sync functionality between all your trusted devices that carry the app and program.

Sync is not a completely brand new app, however it is still in beta form for all its currently supported platforms. The beauty of Sync is that it allows you rapid file transfers, much faster than that of Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and others. The secret here is that there is no "cloud" involved at all, much like with their recently Alpha launched version of Bleep, the secure messaging app. What Sync does for you is allow direct device to device syncing without actually storing things in the cloud, so file transfers are quick and painless. To demonstrate the speeds of how well sync works,(by the way there is an Android app for the program)BitTorrent ran some tests transferring an MP4 video file between two computers with astounding results which you can see from the image below. Remember though that speeds will obviously vary based on your own personal internet connection. Taking that into account of course, Sync will still end up performing a file sync faster than the competition, you just might not get the time frames displayed by BitTorrent's test.

According to what BitTorrent ran, transferring that video file with Sync took only fourty one seconds, while the same file took eleven minutes and twenty four seconds with Dropbox, seven minutes and thirty nine seconds with OneDrive and six minutes and one second with Google Drive. Google Drive was the second fastest at transferring the file, but even then it was a whole lot slower than with Sync. This is a good indicator of which app to use for certain tasks. As we stated, Sync by BitTorrent is not a cloud storage app. The app provides a direct sync between two devices, whether that be computer to tablet, or phone to phone. So if you're looking for a faster way to sync files between your own devices or between you and a friend or family member, Sync is the way to go. Keep in mind that you'd still want to keep your preferred cloud storage application on hand to store stuff. If you're interested in trying out Sync, you can grab the download from the Play Store, and the PC client from the source link.

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