Bettings apps and better deals point to a punter’s paradise

October 9, 2014 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Betting apps are getting better. For anyone who enjoys a punt – whether that’s an occasional flutter or a more serious gaming focus – things are definitely looking up. The convergence of handheld usability with some of the world’s most secure encryption software means that that there is a perfect storm raging right now.

It’s a perfect storm because providers are falling over themselves to come up with the most compelling games and offers in order to attract and retain new customers in this expanding marketplace. It is a blink-and -you-miss-it environment where sensational giveaways, loyalty bonuses and VIP packages are routinely on offer across the board. And with the on-going introduction of game-changing industry developments such as bet-in-play there has simply never been a better time for those who like to get their bets on.

Amidst such talk of competitive improvements, the question of which app provides the best overall gaming experience is bound to occur. But it is, as they say, something of a horses for courses environment given that different people have very different gambling interests as well as equally divergent preferences in sports betting. If there is a one-size fits all app out there, we are yet to see it. Instead, here is an overview that identifies a few that are notably at the top of their games right now.

In the casino games market 32Red has established a glowing reputation over an extended period. Acclaimed by industry watchdog Casinomeister as the online casino of the decade for its faultless attention to customer service over and above the all-round excellence of the gaming experience it offers, 32Red continues to be widely talked about as the best-in-breed in the online casino sector. For example, it was hailed as the number one online casino by as recently as this October. That sort of long-standing and serially approving recognition does not come out of a clear blue sky. The 32Red casino experience is right up there on all fronts.

Competitors such as, SkyVegas and Betway casino are also energetic players in this marketplace and each has its merits. Inevitably, the distinctions lie in the details. So for example, iPhone roulette is offering a massive £400 introductory offer – but only for roulette – whilst Betway’s introductory offers are similarly restricted to slot style games. At the same time industry standard metrics show that Skybet pay outs are slightly less generous than their competitors eg. 95.98% as compared with 96.29% and 96.02% from 32Red and Betway respectively. There are in truth so many variables in play – ease of use, download times, service dependability, loyalty bonuses etc etc etc. that making a definitive one-off judgement is no easy matter. You have been warned!

Within the more limited field of sports betting the competition is equally fierce. Household name brands such as William Hill, Bet365, Betfair and Paddy Power are battling it out in an attempt to tap into what is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. Such competition inevitably means good news for consumers as providers attempt to provide ever more enticing offers and more novel gaming experiences.

There is a commercial war raging currently to win the hearts and minds of regular gamblers and that means the canny operators are making the most of the different introductory bonus schemes, free bets and loyalty bonuses on offer. This of course, is precisely what those providers are hoping to avoid, so whichever new deal catches your eye it is as well to check the details of what is on offer. As often as not there is a tie in of some description – these boys didn’t get where they are simply by handing out free cash after all!

The level of software functionality across all of the providers here is nigh on flawless. What distinguishes them is as often as not a matter of personal preference, as well as – of course – the sort of promotional variables touched on in relation to the casino players. At the time of writing the Bet365 app is offering introductory bonuses of up to £200 worth of free bets, Paddy Power is offering £50 and Betfair is offering £25.

The good news is that keeping abreast of this ever changing scenario is made considerably easier by sites such as and which routinely go through the merits of different apps and so do the leg work for you. Of course there are always going to be certain quirks of certain sites that some people simply won’t like. Colour blind users may not think much of the rich red that is used to brand 32Red or the greens used by PaddyPower or bet365, but these along with the navigational quirks and intuitions that each calls for are the sort of issues each user will have to decide for themselves.

At the end of the day – as the old saying goes – you pays your money and you takes your choice. And there is certainly no shortage of choice out there!