BeBop Unveils New Smart Fabric Sensors That Can Be Sewn Into Your Clothes

BeBop Wearable Sensor Controller with Smartphone e1414436847541

Wearables and biometric technology is the next step in our continued transformation into cyborgs. Who doesn’t want to be a cyborg? I’m mostly joking, of course. BeBop Sensors, Inc. isn’t joking with their new wearable smart fabric sensors, however. BeBop Sensors announced today that they have developed a wearable sensor that can be sewn into your clothing, shoes, and anywhere you want to stick it. BeBop is saying this is the “first and only ultra-thin wearable smart fabric sensor that measures all aspects of physicality, including bend, location, motion, rotation, angle, and torque.”

The new fabric sensors can be used to answer phone calls right from your shirt. You can also place in your shoes to measure your stride and count your steps. Think about putting in gym mats to show the placement of hands and feet on the mat, or putting them in your steering wheel to track hand placement, heart rate, body temperature, and more. These sensors can be put in just about anything and they can be used for “clothing, shoes, & gear for sports, medical, gaming, robotics, aerospace, & security applications include controllers, measurement, monitoring, 3D modeling” BeBop says.

The company says they’ve been working these new wearable sensors for six years. They were developed specifically for the wearable arena. They could offer some truly unique opportunities because they can be used to measure all kinds of things. The sensors don’t just measure electrical conductivity and breathing activity the way other flexible sensors do. These new Smart Fabric Sensors measure “actual physicality to sense and display 3D maps of data”. BeBop Sensors, Inc. is a company that “uses smart fabrics to create elegant sensor solutions for OEMs with its patented technology.” You can find out more about the company on their website. Check out the full press release below for more details about their new Smart Fabric Sensor.